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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Review

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is one of the rare games that I feel will become the "standard" to which other games in the genre will be compared. Not being the biggest FPS fan in the world, I approached this title with a general lack of excitement.... until ...
January 11, 2008 | Comments comments [1]

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Spiderman: Friend or Foe Review

Spiderman: Friend or Foe is an extremely difficult game to categorize. On most levels, this game is average all the way around. But for the true Spidey geek, I really enjoyed playing this game. Here's the premise, some bad guy has some meteorite shards and is mind ...
December 1, 2007 | Comments comments [0]

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Sonic Rush Review

Sonic, Sonic, and more seems like the little blue hedgehog from the 90's is everywhere these days. For 15 years Sonic has been zooming along at breakneck speeds on our consoles, until most recently, when Sonic has been slowed down a bit on the next-gen systems. Well, Sonic has ...
December 28, 2005 | Comments comments [0]

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Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade Review

Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade is a fantasy based adventure game, not unlike many of those we have seen before. Don't get me wrong, seeing and playing a game of this genre on the PSP was initially thrilling, but soon ran out of interesting material as the game progresses. ...
April 17, 2005 | Comments comments [0]

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Duel Masters: Kaijudo Showdown Review

Following the success of the first Duel Master's title, it was clear that there would be a sequel. And, of course, there is. Duel Masters: Kaijudo Showdown is the second installment on the GBA. Duel Masters is a card game, and follows in a long successful line of card games ...
March 31, 2005 | Comments comments [0]

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