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Does the salt or pepper shaker have more holes?

My wife & I got new shakers and are trying to decide.

I also created a poll for this on Twitter if you would like to vote there also.

- Which has more holes? -
Given peoples liberal use of salt, I'm going to say the salt shaker has more holes. I've never heard a doctor say to a patient here at work, "You know, you really should cut down on your pepper intake."
Salt shakers tend to have more holes, while pepper shakers tend to have slightly larger holes to accommodate the different verities of pepper.
The Flavor camp dictates that since people tend to use more salt than pepper, the salt should go in the shaker with more holes. Of course, if you are one of many people on a salt-restricted diet, this solution may not make sense for you.
That's really an interesting statement, Cine22! I have never known about it. That will make me think over to buy levitra online some points of food:)
Let's all take a moment to thank spambot Jinky, for it is its pointless necroposting that has shown us cnc for what he truly is: a man who asks questions and takes polls AND NEVER SHARES THE RESULTS. Which shaker did you put the salt in cnc? Or was there a shaker at all? Has this all been a not very elaborate hoax? It's been a year and a half cnc, WE DESERVE THE TRUTH.
I must say, you must have some interesting "debates" about salt and pepper.

but i would have to agree with the others in saying that generic levitra,the salt shaker should have more holes on the top.
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