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Which location-based app/website do you use or recommend?I started a poll about this at the following address if you would like to vote:

I have been thinking about trying one of these, but don't know which one to use.

Which one is most popular?
Which phone do you use one of these on? I will be using it on an iPhone 4.
Do you have the full app or do you use text messages for it?
I believe foursquare is the most popular, but it's pretty obnoxious.
When you say "obnoxious" what do you mean exactly? Is the software horrible or the service bad or just everything in general about bad?

I am not sure if I would get anything out of these or if I want everyone knowing where I am all the time. I just keep hearing about the services here and there and am wondering if they are worth trying and which one is best to focus on.
Not the app or the service, but the use of it. I'm not even going to get into how much hate I have for the way many people use cell phones, and please correct me if I'm wrong here, but all you do with foursquare is check in when you go someplace in an effort to attain mayorship over that location. The end. I've a friend that was doing it for a while, everytime we'd go anywhere oh hey, I have to check in on foursquare oh no I'm not the mayor anymore oh I forgot to check in at that last place...

I guess if you travel a lot it could be cool just to generate a map of the places you've been or something, and maybe that's what some of these services do, but the only point of foursquare seems to be to help you be rude to the people you're actually with in order to defeat people you don't even know in a game with no purpose.
I read about the mayor option and am not interested in that part of it. I was just wondering if one of the apps actually helps you find new places and cool things to do or if they are just a waste of time.

I guess if you had a bunch of friends using one of them in a certain city then you could see how each of you rank and that might be fun for a little while. It would be like Xbox 360 achievements I guess for doing things in real-life. But, I wouldn't expect that to hold anyone's attention for more than a month or two.

If all they are good for is competing to see who becomes mayor then I think I will pass on them.

My wife and I do use Yelp (, AroundMe (, and Urbanspoon ( from time-to-time to find a place to eat or go when we are out-of-town. Maybe I will stick to these for my recommendations instead of the apps/sites above.
Oh you didn't say what you wanted to use it for! In that case, I'd investigate further, honestly I don't think I've heard of the others and since you lumped them all in with foursquare I assumed it was the same kind of deal. I don't think foursquare gives recommendations based on location, but I could be wrong, all I've ever seen it used for was marking a place you've been.

What would be nice is if you had a location aware app that simply tracked everyplace you were at for more than a couple minutes (as in, places you aren't just stuck in traffic next to) automatically, without the silly checking-in, and then it could offer suggestions for what you might like based on where you frequent. Like amazon but for places. Or maybe that already exists.
That would be cool. We need to work on that and get it done. wink.gif

I also use CauseWorld ( when I remember. It allows you to check-in at places to gain points that allow you to donate them to charity. I have used it a few times this past week on my iPhone 4 and it can't determine exactly where I am. It gives me a list of places close to my GPS location and I have to choose which one I want to check-in at even though I may not even be there.

The two places I was at the other day were not on the list, but it had no problem with me checking in at a place that was a half a block down the street or across the street. It even had a Big Boy restaurant listed that I could check into that isn't even there anymore. It hasn't been there in at least 5 years or more and where it was is an empty lot, since they ripped the building down. biggrin.gif hehe...
I think I have decided that I like Gowalla the best out of these and I like that it now lets you post to foursquare aty the same time. I now check in at both sites using one app.

I don't check in that much and find myself mainly checking in at restaurants while eating lunch or dinner.

I also notice that you don't get badges or items that often, but maybe that is related to me not checking in that much. Maybe if I checked in at every location I go to I would have a ton of items and badges???

Any of you using any of these now?
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