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Yahoo Can't wait. This should be good. Scratch that...great! I don't get excited for movies, but I do get excited for Lord of the Rings. By the way, mark my words, that Aidan kid will be the next Orlando Bloom. The chicks must find him dreamy.
First images off the set:,,20504849,00.html#20980350

Can't wait.
This is from October? I have no recollection of this thread. I kind of lost interest when Del Toro left, even if it means good news in the form of more Del Toro movies. Peter Jackson going back to it felt kinda boring and predictable. But then again, he hasn't been doing so great outside of this franchise (did anyone actually see The Lovely Bones?) and I did get kinda excited watching that first video journal or whatever they're calling them this time. Watch those if you haven't, you'll geek out something fierce.
It would be great film! Looking forward.
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