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- Do you use Google Chrome as you primary web browser?
- Have you downloaded anything from the Google Chrome Web Store yet?
- Would you buy Google Chrome apps?
- Do you have any recommended apps?
- Do you think Google will be able to compete with the Apps store for Mac OS X and iPhone with this?
- Do you like the idea of installing apps within you web browser?

Based on the following article it doesn't sound like the Crhome Web Store apps are flying off the shelves:

- Sales Are At A Trickle On Google’s Chrome Web Store - TechCrunch

I messed around with the Web Store the other night and installed the following apps:

- Atari Asteroids -
- Amazon Windowshop Beta -
- HuffingtonPost NewsGlide -
- Are You Watching This?!
- The New York Times -
- USA Today -
- TweetDeck

All of them except for two can be accessed via other web browsers besides Google Chrome. I accessed all the above URLs using Firefox and they all worked as expected except for USA Today, which had grey instead of white background and the "Money - Sports - Life" links under the logo on the left were not horizontal.

I know that some apps actually install within the browser, but do we really need the ones that are just icons that link to a web page anyone can get to if they know the URL?
Ha, I didn't even realize they had any paid apps. I use both Chrome and Firefox and have a couple installed but don't mess with them much. I tried Tweetdeck and the Gilt app. They're both fine except, I already have the desktop version of Tweetdeck installed and Gilt is basically just a different layout from the regular site. I'm grabbing the Huffpost thing you mentioned now.

At the moment, no this isn't competing with the Mac App Store, though in truth I've only installed a couple of free apps from there as well. This to me looks like it's basically a beta test for when Chrome OS launches and things like this become a bit more necessary and useful. Should a CR-48 arrive at my door (they're still being delivered so there's still hope!) I'll probably find myself much more interested.
True. I also wondered if this is really for the Chrome OS devices. It would make more sense then, but really any device could be powered by Chrome OS if all the user did was load Windows, OS X, or Linux and go right into the Chrome web browser. Maybe put Chrome in "Startup" so it starts automatically and you are good to go. wink.gif

Where are you taken when you boot up the Google laptop? What is the home screen? Is it the Chrome web browser or a desktop with links to web apps?
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