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1Up and IGN Get Hitched I know of nobody who uses IGN for anything, but I used to frequent 1Up when they were owned by EGM, but now that the two have seemingly formed an unholy union, what does that mean for everyone else? I don't think this can be good for the smaller guys. It's hard enough to get people to talk to us as it is, so I can only imagine what it'll be like when the million dollar site all but crushes the competition.

Time to focus on indie games, I guess.
People still read 1Up?
People still care about IGN?
Meh not really I follow 2 people from 1up on twitter thats about it.
Aye 1Up went to ###### when it got sold the first time to UGO, now that UGO killed off what made the site good, they are just dumping 1Up's corpse on IGN
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