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Redeema Randy 'Macho Man' Savage Passes The good die young, meanwhile I have to see the bottom rungs (Jersey Shore anyone?) of the evolution ladder on TV every time I turn it on. Btw he did a lot of cartoon voice over work and probably even more voices were direct imitations of his.

ESPN had a nice piece on him.

Who's next by the way? I got a dollar on Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Lastly, if you want a poor taste joke as I'm apt to do in these things here goes, if you're offended just go back to the main forum page now. When Randy Poffo sees the hole being dug for his body to go into does he say, "Oh, yeeeeaaah! DIG IT!!"

This man had the best face time ever in Wrestling.

RIP Savage..
######, I forgot what a space case that dude was. Pretty good improviser if that was all coming off the top of his head.

BTW Charlie Sheen before Charlie Sheen?

Dig it.
Sweet fancy Moses.

Is wrestling always that amazing?
QUOTE(Hucast @ May. 23, 2011, 12:15 AM) *
Sweet fancy Moses.

Is wrestling always that amazing?

Not so much anymore, back then it was honestly awesome entertainment, now between TNA and WWE its pretty much a snorefest.

Whats really sad is that all of the awesome wrestlers we grew up with are either dead, retired, or on TNA and really TNA wrestling is utter crap.

Also they are trying to make it more of a soap opera now than actual wrestling, WWE isnt too bad in that way, but TNA Impact is horrible, 20 minutes of pre-wrestle soaps then old dudes wrestling.

If you can find some Chikara Wrestling around where you live (Its pretty much an East Coast thing only) I would suggest checking them out. It pure unadulterated comedy with tongue in cheek jabs at everything.

Now mind you, this isnt Professional Grade stuff here, but the humor and inside geek jokes make up for it.
Bill Simmons from wrote a nice piece on Macho and there's another even better piece on that are must reads for fans.
Rest In Peace
R.I.P. Macho man. He was a good wrestler. He even fought with Peter Parker in first Spider-man.
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