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I figured all of watched all of the E3 content, and well since this is the general area I can put this here like I do every year.

So here is my report card for E311


I was going to give them a straight up F for the whole show. But then I thought naw I am nice, I can do better than that, so I am giving them a D- and here is why.

Kinect, Kinect everywhere. Seriously this thing is not that great to begin with, and they are pretty much forcing it down MS users throat with as much crap as they possibly can, if MS is trying to rely on this as their sole moneymaker they need to stop right now, and focus on something else. Its been done, and most Soccer Moms are over it and have a Wii anyway.

Also, really? Sesame Street? Disneyland Waggle Edition? I could see if these were on Nintendo, and yea if they were I am biased enough to go ZOMG WANT..But this is MS, not Nintendo, please stop trying to be them.

Halo not by Bungie anymore? Microsoft spoiling Halo? Naw no thanks.

The whole conference was lead off with multiplats because what? No exclusives?

Minecraft Kinect. Now with more tree punching.

More Kinect Wagglin'


Sony upped their game quite considerably, which is nice to see after the last few E3 outings, for that I am giving them a C+

Aside from the overweight African American guy wheezing into the mic, Sony brought an amazing array of titles albiet most were sequels and rehashes but at least they showed a strong loyalty to the core demographic, which is more than I can say MS did.

The Vita while gimmicky as all ######, looks pretty nice, the price point is solid and the games look decent, in my opinion its still a glorified DS/iProduct but hey, it will sell.

The Sony TV looks amazing as well, and the price wasnt too unreasonable.

Uncharted looked somewhat generic, and it seems like we have seen it before, yes I realize if its a good thing and it sells dont change, but again..Sony isnt Nintendo, and really Nintendo is really the only ones that can truly get away with that, and no that isnt the fanboi in me speaking.

Sly 4 looks amazing..Like really amazing.

Other than that, after apologizing for crap, Sony did decent this year.


Nintendo just needs to take all of my money now..

Being the total Nintendo fanboi I am, I would give them an A++++++, but I am a realistic person as well, and thought out of all three conferences this one only deserves a B-

Yes opening with Zelda was nice, since it was the 25th anniversary and all, the orchestra and video of Zelda thru the ages was sweet and well done, but I want more.

The new 3DS games were not so much of a surprise, since anyone and everyone knew these games were coming, however, looking at them in motion was amazing.

Mario Kart..with aerial and underwater tracks, and fully customizable karts, yes please.

Luigi's Mansion, in 3D, with more than five Mansions? Yes please.

Star Fox with voice chat, and pictures? Ok, pretty cool.

Smash Bros!!!

The Wii U looks amazing, for those that missed it, its is new console, with a new controller, it looks like an iPad, acts like and iPad, but made by Nintendo. Its HD, and looks to be catering to both Soccer Moms and the hardcores, with titles like Metro Last Light and Darksiders 2, it looks fantastic. The third party support is looking mighty nice, and really its about time for some decent third party stuff that isnt shovelware crap.

I am kind of disappointed by the lack of original titles for the 3DS, I was hoping for something new for the new console, I mean, I dont mind old titles, but surprise us with something new.

Overall this year was better than last year, but it still feels empty. There was a lot of room for new IPs, and new ideas for the older consoles and the 3DS, but they werent all quite there.

In closing I can only expect more good stuff from Nintnendo, and yes Sony. MS..well Halo and Wagglin...
I must mention this in fairness, I was not able to watch the Nintendo press event. So, I'm going off of what I've now seen online. I'm opposite of you on Sony and Microsoft, though.

Microsoft gets a C, I think they are shoving the Kinect on everyone, but it's way better than the Move, which already has had a price drop due to a failure to sell. At least the Kinect has gotten good reviews, doesn't remind people of the old Rankin & Bass Rudolph stop motion animation from the 50's with Bing Crosby. I think they did the usual stuff, but they at least showed off gameplay for most of the games, many of them were exclusives at the very least. Fable Journey, Gears of War 3, Halo 4, Forza 4, Dance Central 2 are all exclusives and looked pretty darn good. Look, they could've stood there and showed me Gears 3 for 90 minutes and I would've given them an A- on first glance until I realized they didn't show anything else and eventually dropped them to a C. What they showed was decent enough to give them an average grade.

Sony on the other hand was boring. One minute of Resistance 3 running from a giant monster? What else ya got? Uncharted 3 looked good, but it's always looked good. More of the same, I loved the first one, never opened the second one, but I hear good things. Like you said, it ain't broke...but still what else ya got? Oh, and the smugness of Tretton maybe put me off the most, when he said, 'That's going to sell a copy or two'. I don't think Sony or Nintendo would have that sort of attitude especially after the recent fiasco and news of losing over 100 million taking care of the issue. Anyway, God of War Collection? PSP games gone PS3? We're really reaching now. What else ya got? Oh, Ico in 3D and remastered? Ok, cool, but that was announced like a year ago and still not hide nor hair of it has surfaced. Plus, it's a very artsy, niche game, not what they'd call a blockbuster. So, what else ya got? A new tv? Very cool, 24 inch. Oh, too small for me. The tech is awesome, though. Medieval Moves, looks generic. Sly Cooper video? inFamous 2? A game being released the next day? Wow! That made it into your press conference? At this point, I was literally falling asleep and the only thing hodling my attention was the anticipation of the Vita...then I was the same games that I saw a few months ago on the PSP, but shinier. Dear God. Only the price announcement saved them. The games were more of the same, but you can't see them unless you're there to play them. Audience wise it was terrible. They get a D+, but extra credit brings them up to a C-.

Nintendo, I'm going to watch it later and give my thoughts.
Keep in mind it's a control still in development, there's plenty of time to change it based on feedback from E3 and developers themselves. Hopefully they give it gamecube-esque comfortability by the time its released, much like that load I released earlier watching Nintendo E3 videos.
QUOTE(Hucast @ Jun. 9, 2011, 12:17 AM) *

More like...

To be honest the Wii U looks a little bit sketchy to me. Its taking too much of a "I can't decide if I want to be a Wii or a Gamecube" kind of thing. Does it want to appeal to core gamers or does it want to appeal to soccer moms? No new HD Zelda any time soon, its not in development yet. It only supports one touchpad controller, POSSIBLY two with limited use, and based on the hardware the streaming to the controller's not going to be as amazing as you'd think it would be, it will most likely be a transfer from the TV to the controller rather than sharing elements. You can't buy controllers separately, what's up with that? No Gamecube support even though its using Wii internals which has Gamecube internals... They probably cut it out for cost. Proprietary disc format which is Nintendo's way of avoiding royalties for BluRay, which means yet another Nintendo console that says "###### you" to being a media center. (Pardon my french) Smash Bros 4 was pretty well confirmed ruined before it even began, Sakurai's been on record saying he thought Melee was too hardcore for Nintendo gamers and that even Brawl was too complicated, he wants to make it even simpler and "accessible." Hard to get excited for a game when they announce they're going in an entirely different direction than the best one, its like trying to get excited for a new Star Fox... I wouldn't expect a load of 3rd party support, Nintendo's never been good about interacting with third party software developers, its against their corporate culture. 3DS continues to disappoint with its software selection, nothing but a bunch of ports of games we've all bought three times already. (Even Street Fighter IV, why won't you make it cross-platform online compatible Capcom!!! >=( )

And Nintendo's stock has dropped considerably following the announcement of the Wii U. Whether or not that means investors feel the same way I do about it, I don't know. Sometimes they just sell like crazy because they don't have faith in the new product no matter what it is, combined with the 3DS' lackluster sales.

Microsoft is financially on the right track. Kinect sells whether we like it or not. They're making a fortune off avatars and motion play, and ultimately that's what they're really after. They're never going to totally abandon the core gamer because they have good third party support but its definitely not their focus.

Sony is getting better despite always finding a way to fumble every step of the way. The AT&T thing on the Vita really sucks though. I have AT&T but I get the impression that this means to use the 3G version of the thing I have to make it my phone... No thanks. Their game selection looks pretty average, nothing to write home about really.

I think when it comes to games for gamers PC's doing the best job right now. Now bring on PSO2
The only thing I would be worried about really is the horsepower, I don't want this to be a stop gap console with a three year lifespan. I want the system to be able to survive for some time, if it's not going to survive the old five years, then I want it to sell for $150. Now that said, I'll buy it either way on day one, but there's a lot of backlash right now and I'm not entirely sure why. There's a lot of potential and if developers want to maximize it they'll have to experiment, but the problem is that they all say they want to innovate until the exec's and stockholders get involved and say they need to make money, so how about they all stop being two faced and just say what they want.

By the way where has been written/said that the Wii U will only support one of those crazy controllers because the specs don't make any mention of it, plus I honestly don't think they've got their hardware finalized, which is why they didn't release actual specs, what you saw was probably running off of a mini-pc inside a mock up Wii U case.

Here are some ideas for games that would/could be great:

Command & Conquer
Super Duper Scribblenauts
Drawn to Life
Professor Layton
Animal Crossing MMO (finally)
Pikmin 3
That's what I came up with off the top of my head, there's tons more.

Yeah I sounded really critical on the Wii U in that last post, I'm just apprehensive is all. As far as innovation goes, its probably the best we've seen in a while. The idea of being able to tap out plays for Madden on your screen or switch items on the fly when playing Zelda is amazing, especially if they can get the tablet to hold comfortably. (I'm not so sure it will be comfortable to hold with that right stick above the face buttons but we'll see)

And it sounds like they're on the right track with pricing it, aiming to make it affordable unlike the original rumors of a $400 BluRay playing beast.

However, I'm concerned about the screen resolution. 854x480 tells me that most games aren't going to stream to your controller to make it a household portable like people thought it would be. Horsepower if I remember right is roughly equivalent to an XBOX360, the architecture is pretty similar and its getting a bump in clock speed by a margin of .3 or so, like 3.2 on XBOX to 3.5 on Wii U. I don't know what kind of video card will be onboard but its likely to be pretty similar to the 360's as well. I really see this as a true Wii HD, a go between this generation of consoles and the next. But if the price is right then that's just fine, it at least gives Nintendo a chance to compete against Microsoft and Sony.

And I've seen all this info from various sources, I'll post some links next time I run into them that support all the stuff I'm saying here, but its pretty much rock solid... Nintendo has stated they're looking into two tablet controllers at once but they're not guaranteeing it. It probably is a problem with how it streams data to the controller, the tech might not be there yet the way we want to see it done.

We'll see. Despite all my nay-saying here I'm staying cautiously optimistic, I think it should turn into a pretty good little machine.
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