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Found this on and I thought it was awesooooome. This dude recreated Barad-Dur (Sauron's Tower) complete with the Eye out of Lego's. Fresh doesn't even begin to describe it.
Flickr Barad-Dur

There's another piece on about the guy who did Barad Dur, but even better is that they also included a link to the rest of the LEGO convention where that was just another piece in the larger collection of 11 pieces representing Middle Earth. Frick just look at that Mines of Moria scale and detail or Minas Tirith or the effing battle at Pellinor Fields! ###### it's all superbadass. I think I'll just go change now.
Oooo I wish I had resources to do such a thing sad.gif
QUOTE(bOb @ Jun. 27, 2011, 08:12 PM) *
Oooo I wish I had resources to do such a thing sad.gif

Hahaha, it's just LEGO's dude.

Anyway it needs more orcs. Make one with orcs bOb.
How cool would it to have taken home some of those miniatures from WETA? I'm crying like a 12 year old girl who's just seen Justin Bieber just thinking about it.

Switching topics slightly, anyone get the extended edition Bluray's of the trilogy? They're $70 at Best Buy, which is probably as good as it's going to get until Black Friday. Just my guess, but I really want them...along with a new TV and then I eagerly anticipate the 3D re-release.
Borders has a 50% Blus thing going through tomorrow I believe. It'd be $40ish. I'm kinda thinking about getting that or maybe a couple Criterions. It sounds a bit disappointing though, all the extras are on DVDs (identical to the old ones I assume) and the movies are still on two discs each.

edit/just looked at those new pics. Holy crap.
Just read that the Borders may or may not work depending on your store, online it is limited to select titles. Also, I think the coupon is off of the retail price not sale price, so it's still in the ballpark of the $70 that Best Buy and Amazon are offering them for. Wonder what Costco sells them at?

Back on topic...

Holy crap.

I know right?
Blarg, didn't notice the select titles only thing. This is almost good news, I didn't really want to buy it, but it was too cheap to pass up. Tempted to go to real life Border's tomorrow, just to see what I could find since none of them have The Night Of The Hunter in stock. I'm sure I could make the LOTR thing work though...

That right there is an honor.

I mean its not enough I see them in WoW, but now I get to see them here..

Awesome LEGO LOTR. I wonder if the are some pieces of LEGO Star Wars?
Great looking miniatures!
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