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Redeema I don't know if this is a really late April Fools Day joke or if somehow Ashton Kutcher is somewhere behind all of this, but a Captain Planet live action movie? Really? No, really? Oooooooookaaaaay. Whatever.
Honestly, I've heard worse ideas. But this is another thing like Smurfs, why not just make it a cartoon?

Also, earth, wind, fire, water, HEART? I always thought that was some bullshit, heart isn't an element.
I mean, I guess it's a better concept than Battleship or the Ouija Board movie, but still it was a crappy show to begin with. I do agree that there's no need for a live action movie of this or Smurfs. There are great unmade cartoons that could be awesome in the right hands (Robotech anyone? You keep your dirty hands off Michael Bay!) Captain Planet doesn't even enter into the top 1000.

Also, kudos for making it past the censors. I'm not editing that.
Ha, I didn't even notice that when I posted it. I just feel very strongly that Ma-Ti should have had a power that fit thematically with the others.

I was gonna say Battleship and Ouija Board make more sense in theory, they're just brand recognition and a very, very vague concept, it's so open-ended you take the name and do what you like a la Pirates Of The Caribbean. But then I saw the Battleship trailer and it appears that what they came up with is Aqua Transformers Starring Eric Northman. Bleh.
Not sure this would be a good idea. Hopefully someone with some common sense will go ahead and cancel funding for it.
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