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Full Version: Chinese couple sells their children to fund online gaming. Forums > General > General Discussion
Seriously, China?
I was going to post this yesterday, but changed my mind when someone on the ABC News site said it's sort of an urban legend and that they'd never even heard of the newspaper that was the 'original source' to report the story. I don't know what to believe at this point, but if it's true it is a crazy story. They've progressed beyond gold farming to the ultimate farming...HUMANS.
Junior Vandoren
If it is a true, then it is crazy. The teenager couple are poor educated and have no fixed jobs. They are not aware of the crime they committed. What a misery!
Rye you no revel up? You bad, vewy bad, you no revel up.
QUOTE(omega71 @ Aug. 1, 2011, 02:18 AM) *
Rye you no revel up? You bad, vewy bad, you no revel up.

Did you think it's a truth?? It may be a fake..
why sell them. im going to give my gorda┬┤s mad skills so she lvls my character in mmorpgs tongue.gif but shhh... dont tell my wife...

Eric- You mean she is going to bring that level 12 mage out of retirement?
It's a truth. They were so crazy about the game. Horrible deed.
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