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Have any of you try Jolicloud or Joli OS yet?

It is a cloud-based operating system like Chromium OS that you can use in your favorite web-browser right now or install on your old computer, laptop or netbook. The one cool thing about it is that your apps and desktop follow you to whichever computer you use to log into Jolicloud.

I installed it on my Dell Mini 9 and may install it on my Windows 7 laptop to dual boot into it. The Windows installer allows you to install and uninstall it using "Add or Remove Programs" from the Control Panel, so it is safe to install and try.

They are releasing a new version this fall that will also work on Android and iOS devices as well as in the web browser and as a standalone OS.

You can learn more by visit and feel free to follow me on Jolicloud at if you sign up.

Lastly, remember to install the "" app (icon that links to our website) if you join. You can find it on my profile I linked to above.
I'll check it out when it can be run in Chrome, no installing at work, but this might help do thing like post news and whatnot.
It can be run in Google Chrome right now. Visit the Jolicloud App page to install/link to it in Google Chrome.

Jolicloud can run in any web browser and is a web-based app that links to other web-based apps.

I also forgot to mention that you can log in with your Facebook account, if you don't want to create a Jolicoud login and password.
I joined a couple weeks ago when you sent me an invite. I played around with it in browser a bit, but outside of low-powered netbooks it doesn't seem to terribly useful. I guess maybe if you're gonna be using a lot of different computers in a lot of different places it's nice to just log in and have everything ready to go, like maybe for Red, at work? But otherwise: meh.
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