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Apparently the new Deus Ex game includes a coupon entitling purchasers to play it via Onlive for free. Gamestop, allegedly getting into the streaming thing or whatever themselves, does not like this. So all employees are being instructed to open the packages and remove the coupon. This is insane. I can barely imagine any other store that would have the audacity to think they could get away with removing a piece of a product before selling it. I don't even remember the last time I went into a Gamestop, but I think it was the last.
GameStop is terrible as far as I'm concerned, what other business allows employees to sample the product, return it to the store and sell it as new inventory. The place is a scam and they're the bane of our hobby. I hope this blows the lid on their whole operation, as the class action lawsuit filed against them for the whole 'used sold as new' seems to have not gotten them into some sort of investigation by the FTC or whoever would punish them.

By the way, please use the GameStop link at the bottom of this page if you're going to purchase something from them. wink.gif
I am not surprised by this, since it seems like every time I have gone there to buy something it is always the last copy. Conveniently, the last copy is the one they have on the shelf and it has been opened and put in an envelope behind the counter. It probably has also been taken home and played as Redeema has mentioned above. Last time I checked when something is opened before you buy it then it is considered used, but you have to pay full price for the last one at GameStop. Most stores give you some kind of discount on the floor model items, which is what I would consider these games that have their cases on the shelves for people to view.

Maybe all the Deus Ex: Human Revolution games with the OnLive code are really the "last copy" when people buy them and they happened to remove that insert, since it didn't fit in the plastic bag behind the counter. wink.gif
I take it all back. Looks like Best Buy also thinks it's cool to ###### with your stuff before you buy it. Argh.

I don't remember them ever playing the "last copy" card on me. Whenever I questioned why everything was opened they said it was a storage thing, easier to have all the discs fit in a couple of drawers. I never understood this logic either.
Looks like GameStop is trying to say they are sorry by giving away gift cards:

- GameStop Apologizes for Deus Ex Coupon Removal With $50 Gift Cards
To be honest they should never try to edge off competition when it causes problems with their customers not receiving a full product.

And yeah I've bought a laptop from Best Buy that was "Inspected" I was doing a fresh install on it anyway like I always do so it did not bother me.
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