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Full Version: just turned off pso episode one and two plus and thought of all my old Forums > General > General Discussion
nothing special to say. just pulled out a bunch of old games from the closet a few days ago to put on ebay and i come across pso episode one and two plus for my old gamecube and i popped it in my wii tonight after i got off work. started as a lvl 1 and ran through the game on easy. took my longer than i thought it would but ehhh, i'm not the fan of this style of game i used to be. but anyhoos, thats not why i dropped by.

after cutting it off and debating whether or not to play ff11 again, i found myself just sitting there thinking of old times on pso. which of course led me to think of all my old running buddies in pso. most of which i met here, because i'm a lil antisocial i never really branched out much. it took me awhile to remember my old email to get a new password here but i was determined to stop by and say an old school wassabbi to anyone who really stayed up with me and obaki back in the day just passing time running through the game. i hope everyone is doing well. i tried skimming through some posts but this place isnt as lively as it should be. you guys and gals are all great. i'm really glad to see the site is still around. take care all, and remember, people will remember good times, even virtual ones smile.gif so thanks to all this message applies too.
Just stopping by is special!! biggrin.gif And we always want to hear from those who haven't been here in a bit. Dreamstation is on most of the social networks- you can link in with us there too. I remember the last we heard you were thinking of writing a book...? How is that going? Any blogs anywhere that we can see samples??
Blast from the past! w00t.gif

Glad to hear you are doing well and that you still remember all of us here at The site isn't has popular as it used to be, but we are still alive and kicking.

It is interesting you stopped by since we were just talking about all the people you meet online and then vanish on the When people from the internet die in real life. thread.

Take care and feel free to stop by and chat with us again from time to time.
Well, at least one of them is alive.
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