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He's iDead now.
Too sad. He was a very talanted man. R.I.P.
I posted this on almost all of my social networking things, but this requires it to be here as well.

Go on, I dare you not roll your eyes at this..

The irony..
I still can't believe he is gone. Our prayers go out to his family and friends.

I, along with many others, use products his company designed and developed on a daily basis. Because of this he will not be soon forgotten. Some are comparing Steve Jobs to some of the great inventors and I think I would have to agree. Would smartphones, laptops, and tablets be what they are today and would our world be as connected without Apple?
See, this is where I disagree because I don't think he invented anything. I think he had a genius marketing mind and a visionary mind, but I don't think he actually created the iPod, iPad, or any of that. It's sort of like saying the greatest filmmaker of all time is David Mamet. He wrote the art, he didn't direct, produce or any of the other things crucial to making a good film. If he did invent these things, I'm wrong and I apologize, but otherwise he goes down in history as a great CEO, not in the same category as Edison, Franklin, Jefferson, DaVinci, etc.

It's too bad he died, it's too bad anyone dies, but he made a lot of money and his wife and children will never go hungry like some of ours if we go. Just saying.
pixar was great.
The irony of the Phelps thing is almost unbearable, but you (and the rest of the internet) are just giving her the attention she wants. That's all they crave. I doubt they honestly even believe in what they say all that much. They don't even show up to half of the events they issue press releases for.

Anyway I'm on Red's side here. Kinda. Jobs was very, very involved in everything Apple did. It's not like he singlehandedly invented all the iThings, I would liken it more to a successful artist with an uncredited staff that does most of the dirty work. Of course Edison, etc. stole many of their greatest inventions anyway, so maybe Jobs does deserve the title. And of course smartphones and mp3 players and tablets all existed before, he just did it better. And the same applies to marketing, it's not like he made all those iconic commercials personally.

What's really bothering me is that last night (and into today to some extent) my twitter feed was overrun with people acting as if everyone they had ever loved just died. It's disgusting. I made a rare trip to facebook where things were even worse. I actually saw anger that people weren't sad ENOUGH, accusations that they weren't showing proper respect by still being interested in baseball on a day someone died. Yes, it's a bummer, but none of these people knew him, they just liked the products he sold them. Fortunately Gawker summed up what I was thinking.

I won't even get into how ###### up it is that so many people have deified the CEO of a computer company, except for one interesting counterpoint (from apparently one of the only rational people I follow on twitter) to everyone talking about how he changed the world with a cell phone. Apple made relatively high end products. Most people can't afford them. No one in the third world has an iPhone. We would have gotten here without Apple, it just may have been slower and uglier. But everyone's seen Toy Story. You might be able to argue he's had a bigger impact by getting Pixar off the ground. But I don't mean to diminish his legacy or whatever, the way people are reacting to this is just making me sick.
Oh, also, this.
Now I want to read "iCon". Any thoughts where I can find it
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