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The title is a tad hyperbolic, but the piece is well worth reading. It's half behind the scenes of "social games", half analysis of the mathematics, psychology and evil behind them. It...gets a little long. But it's fascinating/scary. Especially since I'm sitting here with Castle Empire open in another tab. An excellent quote,

An ex-drug-dealer (now a video game industry powerbrain) once told me that he doesn’t understand why people buy heroin. The heroin peddler isn’t even doing heroin. Like him or not, when you hear Cliff Bleszinski talk about Gears of War, he sounds — in a good way — like a weed dealer. He sounds like he endorses what he is selling. When you’re in a room with social games guys, the “I never touch the stuff” attitude is so thick you’ll need a box cutter to breathe properly.

I worry about this becoming more pervasive in real games. I am very much uninterested in DLC, but that's different even though it's the same. These things aren't even games, aren't even fun. But I feel the same way about Castle Empire and it's trying much harder to look like a real game and push the capitalism into the background to some extent. But these things aren't for us, they're for people who don't play games, but then it's only a matter of time isn't it.
Good,I like it!
There were talks awhile back about making WoW subscription free and to balance it -offer the end content and heirloom account bound items for monetary cost. The problem was you still had to achieve a high level to benefit from this and by that time you already essentially will have as good or better items earned in the course of leveling. Also it's easier and "more fair" to make cute mounts and pets...we can't have people who pay be better geared than those who worked for what they have?!?! sleep.gif Of course, all these social games have ways to level without having to pay; the "long way" so to speak. It's the instant gratification people that spill over into my gaming world that ###### me off. One of the main points I got out of that article was since there are people who will pay, they are going to make money off it. Sad.
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