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Check it out here: Show - Episode 100

Topics include:

- Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Review
- Pokemon Rumble Blast’s Pre-Order Pins at GameStop
- GameStop Complaints
Couple questions...

Who do for hosts of this show?
I don't see it on the front page?! NM I see it!!!

Etc. Will download tonight.
Thanks bOb for downloading the show. Let us know what you think. It was kind of thrown together and less polished than some of the older shows, but at least we got one out there finally after 2+ years. wink.gif
I'm in the middle of it now, couple little things...

What's the deal with the opening railroad sounds? And the authentication thing is kinda cheesy but whatevs.

Contentwise, what I've heard so far isn't bad, it's got that loose conversational feel like a couple guys who have a daily AM talk show and discuss whatever they feel like that day. Although now I'm wondering how you got an hour out of such slim topics, but whatever, my only suggestion is to explain what you're talking about when you start. You never say, at least not in the first 20 minutes or so, what Skylanders is exactly. I was a few minutes in before I figured out you were talking about that thing I saw something about on PA a couple weeks ago.

And of course there's the audio quality issue, but I guess that's minor, you get used to it and almost stop noticing after a minute.

I'm glad you're doing it again, I don't mean to trash it, just, you know, constructive criticism I guess.
Thank you for the feedback and I am just happy someone actually listened to it. This episode was kind of thrown together. Basically, Rusty (z36) and I were talking on the phone about Skylanders, since he just bought it, and I suggested that we should try using Google Voice to record our conversation. 49 minutes later a podcast was born!

The train thing and brain scan I thought up a couple of years ago and I had my wife record the voice, then I manipulated her voice and mine to make it. It guess it is cheesy, but what do you want for a bunch of amateurs. tongue.gif hehe...

The Google Voice audio quality isn't as good as when we used Skype, but it was a lot easier to setup. Rusty called me and I hit "4" on my dial pad on my phone and we were off to the races. I would like to try a 3 or 4 way call like this also. I am not even sure if it would work. With Skype I had to have two computers running Skype and I had to record on one while I used the other to talk on. It wasn't horrible, but not as easy as Google Voice. I think I talked too loud also and that might have messed up my voices quality.

Hopefully, if we continue doing these, they will get better and more polished or maybe not. biggrin.gif hehe...

I hope you enjoyed the show and laughed at least a little. I am really happy you listened and provided feedback. We will see if we can get another one online in the next 2 years and take it from there. wink.gif
We need to get 3 people even if they aren't regulars! biggrin.gif
Oh look, missed this last week.

biggrin.gif hehe... That is exactly right. Plus, you need to get the special editions at the different stores and I expect them to continue to bring out more level packs for $20 and new guys for $8 a pop. They have got the micro transactions down to a science with Skylanders.
Thanks for all the feedback on the podcast and it would be nice to have a few more people on the show. When we do another one we will lock down what we are talking about but what you heard was pretty much what we talk about on the phone. Like cnc137 said it was really short on the setup about 30sec. We will try to do better next time in we do the podcast in 2 yrs. rolleyes.gif Hopefully sooner wink.gif

Well just so everyone knows my micro transactions for Skylanders is up to 13 figures. I just bought the 2nd level pack or adventure pack as Activision calls them. The adventure pack are not a bad deal because you get a exclusive Skylander, Location Piece and two Magic Items for $20. The biggest problem is where to store all this crap.
I downloaded but haven't had a chance to listen yet. Looking forward to on our next car ride. biggrin.gif
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