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Happy birthday Sunfir, my old PSO chum! Congrats on another year and another level.

You have earned:

151 G
365 XP

A Balloon of Fortune (Upon equipping user increases Luck by amount of age in years)

Your Stats Have Increased!

+3 Wisdom
+2 Guile
+1 Fortitude
+1 Luck
+4 Charm

These Stats Have Decreased:

-1 Power
-1 Agility
-1 Life

Congrats on your level up! Hope you can dig yourself out of WoW for a minute to dig the message.

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

I thought I would pull out the dancing bowling towel for this birthday wish.

thumbsup.gif w00t.gif mario.gif HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! mario.gif w00t.gif thumbsup.gif
Thank You for the kind wishes!! I'll be setting up my PS3 account this week so I'll add ya'll and see ya there ~~
Oh, um, happy week after your birthday or whatever.
QUOTE(Hucast @ Nov. 25, 2011, 07:42 PM) *
Oh, um, happy week after your birthday or whatever.

me too....
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