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The Adventures Of Tintin is FINALLY out in the US. For the length of its production nearly ever article about it has basically come down to "yes, but will it play in America, where no one has ever heard of Tintin?" So my question to all yall is, have you ever heard of Tintin? Because my experience seems to be unique.

Yesterday I returned from visiting a friend in Chicago. We were both excited about Tintin so on account of my leaving the morning of release we went to a midnight screening Tuesday. He had read a bunch of the books, I watched the series that ran on HBO. I thought Tintin's obscurity in the US had been exaggerated. There were seven other people in the theater. And just to be clear this was a huge downtown AMC, not out in the suburbs somewhere.

When I returned I went to a smallish indie bookstore with the intention of buying a book or two. Surely with the movieout there's some cross promotion going on? All they had was an art of the movie book. I walked down the street to a detective/mystery book store. Yeah, that's a thing. I ask about Tintin and am greeted with overwhelming condescension. "This is a detective book store. No dogs allowed." ARGH.

The movie only did $2 mil yesterday. This morning I caught The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (meh) at a 20 screen megaplex. It was on three screens to Tintin's four. Which I assume were all mostly empty. sad.gif So what's the deal here, is it just me? Has no one in this nation ever heard of Tintin? sad.gif
I had heard of it before, but I didn't know anything about it at all, my brother gave my kid a Tintin book for his birthday two months ago, I gave it the once over, but didn't read any of it. I went to see the movie today in Imax 3d and it was amazing. CG was better than just about anything I've seen since Final Fantasy Spirits Within and this had story on top of that. Best movie I've seen this year, but I haven't seen anything besides this and Happy Feet 2. (I don't hit the movies very often, obviously) Can't go wrong by taking the family to see this movie. Can't recommend it any more highly. In fact, I was coming here to sing its praises, but you had a topic already.
I used to watch the cartoon, knew it was a comic originally somehow. This was before the days of the internet too

I was really surprised to see them making a movie about it but I don't have any real interest in seeing it since its CGI. I'm biased against CGI films unless Pixar is doing them or it gets rave reviews
QUOTE(walnut100 @ Dec. 25, 2011, 01:58 AM) *
I don't have any real interest in seeing it since its CGI. I'm biased against CGI films unless Pixar is doing them or it gets rave reviews

No, this is the wrong attitude. Except for it's not, I'm kinda the same way, although Dreamworks has gotten away from the referential instantly dated pop culture crap they used to rely on. Tintin is motion capture, so it's basically a live action cartoon. And are you not aware of the talent involved or the (mostly) rave reviews? I realize I didn't include my opinion in the poll. I LOVED it. Unlike Red I have seen many more than two movies this year and it is still one of my favorites.

P.S. Red, take your family to see The Muppets and Hugo immediately.
I hadn't heard of Tintin before I saw the trailers and it looked okay, but we didn't rush out to see it.

The last movie I saw in theaters was Pokemon The Movie White: Victini and Zekrom, since my son and I are into playing the video games and trading card game.

We would like to see The Muppets in theaters, but it might be already gone???
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