We were contacted by our web hosting company last week and they informed us that we are using too many resources for a shared hosting account. After some investigation I determined that our site was being hit by a lot of spammers and spam bots that might be the cause of the high server load.

I have implemented some new spam protection measures to try to stop the unnecessary traffic on the website and reduce the server load. I don't think these should cause any problems for our regular members being able to see and use the website, but if you notice anything strange please let me know via the Forums, Google Talk, or email.

If you see error pages instead of the website, then you may have been blocked and I may need to unblock you. Please contact me or Redeema and let us know what is happening so we can look into the problem.

It sucks that we had to worry about this to begin with, but the spammers of the world enjoy making all our lives more difficult.


P.S. If you are a staff member then please look at the "Staff Only" section of the forums for more details.