So this British author you may or may not have heard of by the name of Martin Amis once wrote a book entitled Invasion Of The Space Invaders: An Addict's Guide To Battle Tactics, Big Scores And The Best Machines. Evidently he's not a fan of the Oxford comma. Good for him. It was published in 1982 and quickly disowned by its author who now refuses to talk about or acknowledge it. It features an intro by Steven Spielberg and a guest appearance by probably Christopher Hitchens.

Also, the text is absolutely nuts. A couple samples:

"PacMan player, be not proud, nor too macho, and you will prosper on the dotted screen."

"Do I take risks in order to gobble up the fruit symbol in the middle of the screen? I do not, and neither should you. Like the fat and harmless saucer in Missile Command (q.v.), the fruit symbol is there simply to tempt you into hubristic sorties. Bag it."

He predicts Sim City and assumes all is already lost for Miyamoto.

Apparently he was researching an upcoming novel and presumably pooped this thing out for some quick cash.

If you're wondering why Amis might be so ashamed:

At one point, we are treated to a series of Hogarthian prose sketches of the grotesques the author sees all around him in these arcades: ‚€œZonked glueys, swearing skinheads with childish faces full of ageless evil, mohican punks sporting scalplocks in violet verticals and a nappy-pin through the nose [...] Queasy spivs, living out a teen-dream movie with faggot overtones.‚€Ě (There‚€™s a glossary at the back that helpfully provides the following clarification: ‚€œFaggot: gay.‚€Ě The word‚€™s use in the original context makes the contemporary reader flinch, but the ugliness of the matter-of-fact definition is downright unforgivable. This is one of several potential reasons why Amis is uncomfortable enough about Invasion to want to keep it out of print.)

That's from this amazing article Ebert twittered earlier. Of course I'm now dying to read it and copies on Amazon start at $200. eBay is even worse. sad.gif