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I have had 2 Apple iPhone 4 Bumper case, but the rubber around the edges on both of them started to peel after maybe a year or less of use. I was considering buying another one for $29, since I like the design, but then I was at Big Lots and they had the Griffin Reveal Frame case for iPhone 4 for $4.00. I decided to give one a try and bought the black one for myself and the blue one for my wife in the picture below.

Griffin Reveal Frame for iPhone 4

I installed them last night on our AT&T iPhone 4s and they seemed to fit a little tighter than the Bumper case, but they look very similar. I guess we will see how they hold up, but for $4.00 I figured it was worth a shot. The buttons are a little harder to push, since they are rubber buttons instead of the metal buttons with a layer of rubber underneath like on the Bumper. Maybe they will loosen up as we use them.

I am pretty happy with my purchase so far and I really can't complain for only $4.00. It looks like the original price of the Griffin Reveal Frame was $24.99 and I am not sure if I would've bought it for that much, since I could get the official Apple Bumper for only $4 more. $4.00 versus $29 made the decision a lot easier.

1.) Do you use a case on your mobile phone?
2.) Which case do you use?
3.) Do you like and would you recommend it to others?
4.) How long have you had it and is it still holding up?
5.) Have you dropped your phone in it and did it protect it?
I have a Casemate for my AT&T Galaxy S2, and it's the best. It has a soft silicone sleeve to go around the sides and back and that slips into a hard back that also goes around the side. It's pretty low profile and it's rigid, so that that three times I've dropped it, it hasn't suffered one bit as far as I can tell. Twice from sitting height and once from standing height, fyi. It's a little pricey, but I signed up for the newsletter and they sent me a coupon code during some sale, so I got 20% off or something. Unfortunately, I don't see it on their site anymore, so I guess they don't make it, but it looks like this one. I would highly recommend them and their cases, though. Six months and no visible sign of wear, and that's with spending an awful lot of time in my pocket.

By comparison my better half got an Otterbox with her iPhone 4S and the silicone sleeve already tore, she got her phone a week or so before mine, so take that for what it's worth. The Otterbox makes the phone huge and bulky, I'd say it increases size like 50%, plus the ports are not accessible with certain chargers, so it needs to come out, which led to the ripping and the tearing. Now, it has a lifetime warranty, but getting the new silicone sleeve took some time. I wouldn't buy an Otterbox, just my personal feeling of it because of the added bulk, though, having a built in screen protector is nice.

I had a case but it was actually causing damage to my phone. Sand and dirt particles getting trapped in it. I am eventually going to get another case and just clean it out daily. For now the phone is naked though. Droid Bionic is made of plastic so that doesn't help.
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