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So, I baked a Peppermint cake with white chocolate icing and crushed candies on top and I posted a picture on Twitter, but for anyone who cares I thought I'd post a picture and a link to the recipe.

This was the end result:

I'm not used to icing stuff, so I didn't do a great job. The instructions aren't clear. Go ahead and let the cake cool off and let the icing cool down. It'll still maintain a spreadable form despite the white chocolate.

I didn't have access to the round pans, so I used two square pans instead. I also didn't cut both squares at the same time as I should have. You live and you learn, I will try not to make the same mistake next time. I'll post another picture of the next cake next week or so. Obviously mine doesn't look like the one in the picture and I don't know exactly how their's is snow white and mine is a little off white, but whatever.

When are you going to start making a cooking show that we can watch on YouTube of you in your kitchen baking cakes wearing a Apron pictured above?

If I lived closer I would already be there to try a sample. Can you send me a piece in the mail?

I don't think I have baked a cake since Home Ec class in high school. I remember I got stuck with 3 guys that had no clue what they were doing and I ended up having to basically make everything for our group. I also remember making some mean snickerdoodles back then. wink.gif

I am more of a grill guy now. If I could make a cake on a grill, then I would maybe try again. I do all the grilling in the house and like experimenting with things. I also make a pretty good Steak-umm sandwich with cheese, mushrooms, and onions.
Despite not being a big cake guy, or really a fan of peppermint, I fully endorse this thread. Also a Christmas themed cake in June seems like an odd choice. Also you are bad at food photography. Also you neglected to tell us how it tastes. But irregardless this is great and I hope you continue. I watch a lot of food television. There's a blind girl on Masterchef! It's awesome I hope she wins. Anyway that doesn't look too bad.

The one in the picture is snow white because it was made up for the photo. Yours does not I'm guessing because of the vanilla. A little bit of vanilla extract can off-white something pretty quick, though I guess it could have been the butter or chocolate maybe?

I had to google Steak-ummms. Sounds gross. Nigh inedible even. Prove me wrong, cnc!

behold mortal souls: UNICORN VOMIT CAKE

made this for marcy bday last week
The peppermint cake was really good, I'm not a fan of peppermint, but I liked it a bunch. Yes, the pictures sucked because a close up would reveal just how terrible my layering and icing job was, but I'll shoot something in the morning with what is left. I didn't necessarily see it as a Christmas cake, I just saw a cake that could be made because I didn't have ripe bananas to make the one I really wanted to, but maybe that'll be next week. Maybe a Youtube video is in order?

Oh, and wtf is up with that rainbow cake, it's like it should be sitting on the head of an old NBA fan in the 80's while he holds up a sign that says, 'John 3:16'.

And get some real plates, seriously.
it was that plate of a neon pink one lol.
QUOTE(Redeema @ Jun. 13, 2012, 02:40 AM) *
I didn't necessarily see it as a Christmas cake

The first line of the recipe is "The flavor of Christmas candy canes makes this snowy white cake as delicious to eat as it looks." plus the crumbled candy canes, hard not to make that connection. Anyway do a video next week. Or bring back that cartoon thing and have animated Red bake a cake.
No video, but I'm going as real time as I can. This week is Butter Pecan. Here's where I am as of 7:08pm:

Butter creamed.

Pecans fresh out the oven.

Edit: about 7:20 pm

Flour added to cream mixture.

Edit #2: 7:43

Cakes ready to go into the oven. Recipe calls for three round pans, I only have two, so this will have to do.

Edit #3: ~8:15 Cakes are out. Should have made two round ones to layer and a third in a square just to make the cake as close to the original recipe as possible. Only because the cakes blew up too much. I can fix this, though.

Edit #4: ~10:20pm
After letting the icing sit in the fridge for a couple hours, the cakes cool off and the crusty areas removed and flattened out I've stacked and iced the cakes resulting in what you see below.

I broke me off a slice and it was really good, pretty sweet, but I feel like anything with pecans is extra sweet. I'm still working on my food photography skills, I don't want to get called out again. This is off my Samsung Galaxy S2, not my regular camera, the flash isn't the greatest, so the lighting always seems rather yellow.

Wasn't too thrilled by the peppermint cake (Because I don't like peppermint) but this one butter pecan is right up my alley. Man that looks awesome !
My intention was to practice a decorative icing this week, but the cake was a question mark. When I found a recipe I liked I also found that I was missing one ingredient, or it wasn't a layer cake and when it's 90+ degrees outside you don't want to go anywhere. I found the recipe for the cake I ended up making and then realized later that the recipe called for pecans to be added into the icing making it difficult to ice. We also lacked very ripe bananas, you know the browner the better for this situation. Either way, this is a tasty cake. Very sweet, but tasty.

I see now that I need a sharper bread knife and possibly a third round cake pan.

If you want to see something, suggest it. Otherwise, next week will likely be something with banana, chocolate, or peanut butter, maybe even all three. I'm also considering cupcakes.
Omg make a Reese cake thatd be so cool
Why are you so into layer cakes? Just curious. Keep on keepin on cakeman.
I wanted to practice for a party to see if I could manage the cakes as opposed to spending a few hundred dollars, thus why I wanted to ice it. It's not going to happen at this point mostly because I probably won't be able to learn the skill in two months, but we'll see. I was contemplating a few different cakes for this coming week: banana peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate, banana upside down cake, or there was a possibility of cupcakes as well because I do think I might be able to learn to decorate cupcakes in two months since it's a simple two step process: bake, ice with bag. Done. I ran out of almost all the key ingredients, caking is getting expensive.

BTW, I took half of this past cake in to work and everybody pretty much loved it. Or at least that's what they said to me.
Yea I wouldn't stress about it much. The pecan cake I'm sure was delicious! biggrin.gif
My kid had her friends over and I decided to make cupcakes, I had ready bananas this time, so rather than chuck'em, I used them. This is the recipe from BonApetit. These past two weeks these kids have been over and only seen me making stuff, so this time I decided to share and started a little early. No behind the apron pictures this time, just the finished product because I was making dinner at the same time.

The frosting was creamier than I expected. This was not suitable for putting in an icing bag and working with, so I just used a spoontula to spread it on top.

Thing was delicious, too bad the recipe claimed to be good for 12 only. I managed to make 18 at 1/4 cup per just like the recipe said, I just used a measuring cup to scoop the batter into. Then I placed the cupcakes in the freezer for half an hour or so and frosted away. I don't think it's wise to work them while they're still hot, it'll melt the frosting.

I think these would be great with a bit of chocolate chips, not too much or someone at work made something similar with a chocolate ganoche inside, it's more work, but the results are delicious.
How strange I was searching google for cakepop ideas and I got{second page through an image search}directed here?!? I was slightly confused when I saw the url was dscc?! wow. anyway, I was looking to post these really cool cookies I found. I guess I'll squeeze it in here. *and please like her site if you are on FB.

Nice cakes, guys. Message me if you want any decorating tips.
I want decorating tips.

Those are cool cookies. I'm pretty ok at making cookies, so I'm not currently working on those. My big focus is on cakes right now.
QUOTE(sunfir66 @ Jun. 26, 2012, 03:03 PM) *
How strange I was searching google for cakepop ideas and I got{second page through an image search}directed here?!? I was slightly confused when I saw the url was dscc?! wow.

Personal results.

PRO DECORATING TIP: Fondant is technically edible but really gross.
Reserved for this weeks cake. The recipe is here: Working on it now. Pictures coming up.

Mostly done, still need to put the glaze over it, though.

I must say I'm not happy with the flavor the way I tried it, I think the cake felt a little too dry. Maybe the filling and glaze will help, doubt it, but it could happen. My girl likes it. It's not anywhere near as good as any of the previous cakes, but they can't all be winners, I suppose. One more picture to come when it's glazed in a bit. Also, this was my first three layer cake, I had to wait while the two cakes baked and then I had to use the pan again since I still don't have three. Cupcakes or bundt next time.

Edit: 2 am local time and it's finally done, I still don't like it, but the glaze is good. Allegedly the recipe says if allowed to cool overnight the coffee flavor comes out more. I don't really taste it so they better be right. Not sure if I did something wrong with this cake or if the cake wasn't that good to begin with...Either way, it's done. Hopefully my foodtography is getting better.

By the way, I know this has nothing to do with anything, but since the forums are fairly quiet I'll just do whatever I feel like with them. wink.gif
QUOTE(Hucast @ Jul. 1, 2012, 10:06 PM) *
PRO DECORATING TIP: Fondant is technically edible but really gross.

Fondant is for amateurs!! You guys raze me about a lot here, but this area I reign and kinda have to put my foot down. To say "pro tip" and follow with anything involving fondant is just wrong. A real decorator can do anything with icing. The secret is all about consistency. I am making some cake pops this week for an order and in keeping with a certain theme I am using something called isomalt sugar for the display. I am not going to reveal that theme at this time, but I will be posting on my fb and google page and then I'll share the link.
Going back to cupcakes and this week I chose a snickerdoodle cupcake with cinnamon buttercream frosting. I've got a camera this time, so I should have better pictures.

One picture for now, I've got more and some news, but for now enjoy:
Red, try some meringue powder in your frosting. Usually 1-2 tablespoons should do the trick. Try to use cream cheese or even cheaper is neufch√Ętel rather than butter if possible. And NOT room temp, as the recipes suggest. From fridge...hit it 10 sec in a microwave and you're good to go(the butter not the cream cheese). Try to stay away from any frosting that has a liquid ingredient [ie milk, cream, water] except vanilla, and there you can sub a vanilla paste. Also you know not to over mix your butter, right? If it starts to break down it's useless. Watch out for that when creaming things together, it's one of the biggest things to do wrong. Lastly, sift every dry ingredient you can, even your box mixes and sugars for frostings. Trust me. World of difference.

That snickerdoodle cupcake looks noms. I'm going to cupcake wars it up and add a third ingredient then post back laugh.gif
OK, I guess I'll let the cat out of the bag now: I started a little baking blog on Wordpress for this nonsense, so I'll probably be taking most of this over there now. I don't know how long I'll be able to keep it up, or what if anything could come out of this, but this is just another side project for me. If you're at all interested in following along check out, I actually wanted to use, (or masterbakers, can't remember which) but decided that wasn't going to go anywhere beyond a sick little in-joke for me and a few others. Keeping it clean was better for me and my kids. That's pretty much it.

Sun, thanks for the advice. I'll keep this stuff in mind. For the last frosting I used butter that didn't last long at room temperature probably because it's so hot here even with the AC on. I also used a few spoonfuls of butter flavored shortening. I think that helped bring it together a little bit. Again, live and learn. I'm still somewhere in between novice and amateur level, but at the very least I can make them taste pretty good and I can get compliments. My coworkers now ask me if I brought anything in whenever I see them and get disappointed when I don't.

The 'Spumoni' in the back is my own creation, and was a huge hit; it's pistachio cake with amaretto buttercream and then a dollop of cherry pie filling with cherry drizzle and crushed pistachio on top. The problem is you can't legally have a home bakery in the US, so I have to rent commercial space or go under candy making, which I am in the process now of getting licensed to do. A local place where my daughter worked is allowing me to rent time in their kitchen, but until I get a few more orders than the once a month party/shower it's not cost efficient. That's why candy making is a better option for me. The restaurant wants me to bake for them in trade for kitchen time, but I think that would turn into a full time thing and I don't want to work full time for someone else just to work for myself.
These were from an order in May for a Church function. My project this week is done and looks good- pics coming soon.
You should move out here, we can get into a food truck and run the valley. Housing is real cheap. Think about it. Those look real good. I'm not into berries much, so the other two look far more interesting. What are they?
My wife makes great cakes. Red you are doing a fine job here and helping to break the mold for most men. Keep it up.
QUOTE(Redeema @ Jul. 15, 2012, 02:09 PM) *
I'm not into berries much...

Neither am I! Berries are for muffins. Cupcakes can have cherries, in moderation. wink.gif I used Lucky Leaf brand pie filling- the unsweetened kind- strained off the syrup and put it in a piping bag. I put (1) cherry on each cupcake and then the drizzle, which offset the sweetness of the amaretto buttercream without overpowering it. I would never buy a flavor like that if I were out either, but for some reason I had the pistachio cupcakes and needed something to top them with. I haven't had anyone yet not like it, and I got great feedback from a friend who is an executive chef.

The chocolate one is my grandmother's recipe with a cocoa cream cheese frosting, and the vanilla is a box cake(pudding added) with a vanilla bean buttercream. The vanilla paste I used in that is from Cook's- you might know them better for their powder you find at Starbucks.
The 2 cake pop flavors I do are "Sooty Gilligan" and "Beautiful Disaster". Sooty is all dark chocolate (cake, frosting and dark Wilbur chocolate) with a secret ingredient that makes it taste tropical, and the Disasters are a no food dye red velvet cake with a butter and cream cheese frosting coated in white chocolate.
z36, thanks for the compliment. I think it's funny that the stereotype is that women cook, and yet the world's top chefs are probably a majority male. Take that for what it's worth.

Here's what I made this past Monday, I cannot for the life of me find the original source for the recipe, but I altered it a bunch anyway and this was the net result:

You can visit my post Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate Tunnel of Fudge Cake for all the details and more images.

I'll also admit to my friends here that the shadow in the lower right corner where the watermark went was not intentional, but seeing the image just now made me think that if it wasn't there you wouldn't see it at all over a white plate. The shadow is just a byproduct of canister lighting and having 7 of them in the kitchen means just about anywhere I stand I get a shadow.

Also, how's my phoodtography now? Better?
QUOTE(z36 @ Jul. 17, 2012, 08:59 AM) *
Red you are doing a fine job here and helping to break the mold for most men.

Is this even a real stereotype anymore? I'm seriously asking here. I'm having a hard time thinking of an instance in real life in which cooking/baking has been viewed as emasculating.

Removing that shadow is a 4 second job in PS. Content-aware fill is some sort of black magic.
Yeah, I could have fixed the photo, but I liked the watermark. It also shows my complete amateur-ness to the whole thing.

As for the stereotype thing, I don't know. I watch TV and there's the Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes and a bunch of other dudes baking stuff. I don't know of a female baking show other than the ones with the cupcake makers. The friends my daughter has apparently think it's cool that I bake stuff. At least that's the word I hear, they also think it's cool that I have a cabinet full of video games, I don't know which takes priority in their minds.
No cake or cupcakes this week. Sorry, I know you guys look forward to this, but I'll make it up to you with cookies or more specifically, Mexican Chocolate Cookies:

Peep Steal the Baking for more info.
I love that the Mexican Chocolate box has an old white lady on it.
If Mrs. Claus and Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire had a baby it would be that lady. You can see the pic on the blog linked above. By the way, thanks for reading, Hu. I appreciate it, I really do. I'm surprised anyone does, really, most of all you. Didn't foresee that one.

It's 2AM and I just finished the write up and dessert for my latest entry, it's actually not baked and is the most delicious thing ever. (I need to redo that first picture, it hasn't had time to harden yet. Edit: It's been retaken.) anyone can make this regardless of your skill, 20 minutes or so of 'work' 3 hours of prep time. Amaze your friends and family with this bad boy: No-Bake Nutella, Chocolate, and Peanut Butter Squares.

What no cake again. Just kidding I think it's great you can find the time to any of this. Here is one for you. Try making seven layer bars. They are really bad for you but they are really good. Well at least I think so.
QUOTE(Redeema @ Jul. 31, 2012, 04:15 AM) *
By the way, thanks for reading, Hu. I appreciate it, I really do. I'm surprised anyone does, really, most of all you. Didn't foresee that one.

Well clearly SOMEONE hasn't noticed all my twittering about Masterchef. You're talking to a guy with a cook book signed by Guy Fieri, who served calamari one Xmas because tradition is boring, who once drove hours, deep into Louisiana just to eat at this crayfish shack in the woods. Totally worth it. Also I wasn't driving. And it was a rental car. And we were traveling on company money, but still. Point is, of course I've been reading(skimming) it.
I must've missed that week on Twitter. Fieri is a 'bolsa de ducha' and I hear his chain restaurant sucks, there's one near my parents house. I did see Alton Brown at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, though, I have some photos somewhere, though, I did not get a book signed.

Anyway, this week I skipped the oven again and made a chocolate-cookie butter ice cream. Real easy, anyone with an ice cream maker can make this is ten minutes. The hard part is waiting for the ice cream to firm up overnight. Full recipe and story on the blog.
I generally agree about Fieri, but he is incredibly nice and I've not once been steered wrong eating someplace from Diners, Drive-Ins And Dives. Plus he does a lot of work encouraging kids to cook their own foot instead of eating fast food and dying, so there's that. I've never tried one of his chain places though.
I can't argue with someone being a charitable person. He needs to act a more appropriate age, though.

I did update the blog on Monday/Tuesday night. This week I made:

Banana Oatmeal Bread with Chocolate Chips you can see the recipe on STB.
Took a week off and came back with a vengeance with triple chocolate espresso bean cookies. Very well received by friends and family.

Edit: forgot to post this last time out: Puff pastry palmiers.
Loved the crockpot bread idea!!
Why do I feel like I am on Pinterest looking through this thread?
I rest my d-bag case.

Also, sorry this reminds you of Pinterest, Omega. I was just trying to post something, anything. I'm probably not going to update this thread unless someone actually wants me to. Otherwise, you can just visit the blog and see what I'm up to. No reason to continue this here, there's not much crossover in the baking/gaming worlds.
Dude I say keep it up. Like you said, post something, post anything. Plus if you don't post here I'll never remember to look at your blog.
Well then, here's what I baked up this week: Pumpkin and Pecan Cupcakes with Brown Butter Icing:
Pumpkin shake, smoothie, whatever it's done. I wasn't going to write it up now, but you're putting pressure on me.

I've been debating whether to create a Twitter account for the blog in order to drum up more page views, but that requires more work. Then there would also be pressure to Facebook and whatever. Not sure about all that. I need an intern.
Update for this weeks cake: White Chocolate and Green Tea Bundt It was delicious for the record, some of the cakes were not, but this one was everything a cake should be. I'm going to force you to click through to see it. smile.gif
Yeah, that looks pretty tasty.

And I see you put up the pumpkin smoothie. If I hadn't just made a cup of chai and also if I weren't pretty sure I don't have any pumpkin I would try that right now. I think I have everything else.

Almond milk is kinda my standard milk. Just to cut down on dairy a little. For certain things the flavor is too strong, but otherwise it's great.

Can't you get Greek yogurt in individual servings? Just a thought in case you wanted to try it without having to get a whole package.
Yup, but I vaguely recall buying some before and not enjoying it, so I passed this time around. Maybe if it was thrown into a drink I wouldn't mind because I wouldn't be tasting it by itself. Next time. Maybe.
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