Now is the time when we talk about art. We all know Banksy right? He's arguably the world's most famous street artist. It's certainly either him or Shepherd Fairey. He's the guy who snuck his art into museums, tagged animal enclosures inside zoos (not to mention animals themselves elsewhere), placed likenesses of Guantanamo Bay prisoners in Disneyland... You may recall his opening for The Simpsons:

A couple years ago he made a movie called Exit Through The Gift Shop about the codification of street art that may or may not have been a large scale hoax, except even if it was a hoax it still happened so it doesn't really matter if it's fake or not, it's still real. It's really quite a fascinating movie, I could talk about it all day, but that's not why I'm posting this.

Yesterday I came across this story regarding his latest work. It's an image of Queen Elizabeth II with Aladdin Sane makeup on for her Diamond Jubilee. How edgy. Now I see in the comments on that article that Incwel is claiming this one, not Banksy but I've already typed all this and my question is still valid. Is Banksy still relevant? Let's forget the Queen thing. Last February, during the Arab Spring, the guy who once tagged the Wailing Wall was in LA, campaigning for an Oscar. This...feels like someone not worth paying attention to anymore. But at the same time he didn't make himself into a celebrity with a Message, the media made him front page news so is it his responsibility to do something meaningful or comment on current events? Has he ever even done anything on a level beyond obviously clever? And then you take into account the prices his work commands and the movie about that could go in circles for hours, but I think it's an interesting thing to talk about and that new piece apparently not by him has me thinking about it so here we are.