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I have noticed more and more people coming here to spam the boards about how to get a FREE iPod, PSP, Nintendo DS, Robosapien, etc. and I would like to make some points on why it is a waste of time.

1.) It is against the Guidelines & Rules.
2.) We have moderators here that delete the posts within minutes of it being posted.
3.) I have never seen a spam post have more than one view (This is the view the spammer made when they posted it.) before I or one of the other moderators delete it.
4.) The post is not here long enough to get indexed by Google or any other search engine to make the spam site more popular in the search indexes.
5.) All of our forum members are educated and are not going to click on the link anyways.
6.) Your account gets deleted and banned right after we delete your spam post.

So, if you still want to post spam after reading the above items then you must not have a life and I feel sorry for you. Also, the moderator staff here would like to thank you for take away a few minutes of our lives while we delete your stupid waste of time posts.

Thank you spammers for your time and I hope we never see you again.


cnc137. annoyed.gif
cnc, while this is nice and all, do you really think a spammer is going to read this?? not likely, the spammer is one of those great individuals, who will see a forum, and automatically post whatever spam neccesary ignoring all tos..

even when you sign up for the forums it tells not spam, yet there are more spammers coming by to tell how to get a free mini mac and so on...

not to bring you down or anything, its just my 2 cents
I am positive they will not read this but I needed to vent after I deleted three spam posts this morning. biggrin.gif hehe...

It just amazes me that someone will register, wait for the confirmation email, click the confirmation link in the email, and then continue to post their spam. That seems like a lot of work to do to have their account active and post online for about 5 minutes.

Maybe some sites leave the spam online for a lot longer but I think we are pretty good at cleaning it up before anyone even sees it.

I can't imagine their is some type of program that would do this, since they have to click the confirmation email, so all the spam here is being done by someone physically going through the motions. I am guessing we are not the only forums that they spam on also. Don't they have anything else to do? If they don't then I have about 20 things they can help me with that I don't have time to get to. tongue.gif

cnc137. blink.gif
Sounds exactly like me a few months ago...Too bad it didn't work so well either. Good try though.
Besides, you get made fun of here later on if you spam
We should post their email address online and spam them with hate email. They spam us we spam them back. Imagine 100 emails with dancing monkey attachments within! That'd be teh awesome!!111
The problem is that they probably never use the email address they signup with to post the spam, so they would never get the emails. They usually have a hotmail, yahoo, or some other free email address they use that is something like

So, that just made me realize that they go through the effort of signing up for a new free email account also before registering here and going through the process just to post spam. What a waste of time.

Foiled again!
Not with the power of IP tracing


If you post any spam on this site, I will CRUSH you.
I have an idea that would work if it wasn't against the law. Find out their real adresses somehow, and send them a real lifetime supply of spam.
*tear* The spamming little ###### spammed my thread, he shall live no more!
Be warned spammers you wreck my threads and I ruin you, I torture you until you can be tortured no more then I continue to torture.
when I'm tired of that I hand you over to omega and cid and allow them to do what they like with your remains.
what is ''spamming''?
QUOTE(dayko @ Dec. 10, 2005, 07:12 AM)
what is ''spamming''?

dayko, sometimes i think you do stupid crap like this just to make people mad...for once just read something all the way thru and dont ask questions...

what you just did by asking "what is spamming" in a spam topic is spamming...
i did read it, is spam just advertising?
no...spamming is posting unwanted messages..which does include advertising, but spamming is also posting two word sentances, and junk noone else wants to read...its kinda like getting one of two phone calls, one call could be a telemarketer, that is spam...the other call could be a friend who just calls to go "hey" then says he has to go...thats also spam...see??
Nope still don't get it, could you give me a site that translates that or something.

oh hi omega how are you, would you like to buy this desk I have
Oh. My God.

Dayko, do you have some kind of amazing ****ing pop up blocker that blocks bannerrs too?!
All spammers shall be shot.
Surviving spammers will be shot again.
I pitty the a spammer? huh.gif
Yeah i got it now.
*faints* that has to be a first
Yeah know when i first got here this was my 2 message board i had been too so no wonder i didn't know what spamming,flaming, or any other stuff.
i just love how all these comments just roll right off dayko's's cute.
hehhe i have never tasted spam before
QUOTE(grundo85 @ Aug. 12, 2006, 06:15 AM)
hehhe i have never tasted spam before

Because normal people don't eat themselves...
lord turtle
boooooooooooooooooooo spamming it ruins it for everybody and its not free anyway just an annoying advertisement
Thankyou lord turtle, now crawl back into that shell of yours.
lord turtle
blink.gif mad.gif cool.gif dry.gif sad.gif ph34r.gif leto you messed with the wrong turtle and please get your elmo avatar back pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Turtle, seriously. Youve been spamming more then anyone latley. And if its not spamming, it just pisses everyone off.

For example.


and you reply.

I dont.
lord turtle
hey im trully sorry to everyone i have ###### off spamming and i will delete my zelda topic i just couldnt take what leto said about turtles i wont spam anymore
I know people turtle, so you just keep your head in that shell or it might be cut off.
lord turtle
i refuse to listen to you without the elmo avatar and why are we discussing this on the spammers topic when we arnet even talking about spamming and dont try and act all gangster on me tutrtles are tough
Someone please ban lord turtle.
Once upon a time there was a turtle, one day he went for a long walk and wasn't seen ever again. All lived happily ever after.
The end
lord turtle
ok ok ill stop posting
its also REALLY annyoing! lol
QUOTE(rebekahrowley225 @ Oct. 11, 2006, 10:34 AM)
its also REALLY annyoing! lol

dry.gif ha ha ha ha.....
totally nice. I hate spammers.
yeah it is quite sad that spammers would do anything to get into a mbs... it's some sophisticated computer programs...

btw, I'm new on here so hopefully, i won't be able to see any spammers!

- Karen
spam is kept minimum here. dont worry smile.gif
Or we try.

Eric doesn't.
haha. staff or moderator has the power to banish spam at first sight. and send it to evil spam heaven. were we later mock at it.

Staff OR Moderator tongue.gif jojojojo
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