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AIKA Global May Events Announced

Four in-game events are lined up for this month, plus new game features and website updates!

Seoul, Korea - May 10, 2011 May is a month of true mayhem in AIKA Global, as T3fun and Redbana reveal a staggering amount of in-game activities taking place this month. Four major events are lined up for May: “Nation Wars II,” “Legionnaires of May,” “Friend in Need” and “The Auction House”. Along with these events, exciting new game and website updates will be revealed. Get your arms and armor ready for the incredible and wild month of May!

“Nation Wars II”

For the entire month of May, nations become war zones during the “Nation Wars II” event, which will challenge nations to defend their name and territory. Each nation shall pick four (4) leaders to take part in The Lord Marshall Alliance. After a signal given by GMs, invading armies will have 2 hours to march into their subject territory, attack, and reach their goal.

“Legionnaires of May”
From May 2nd to 8th, Legions can register to be part of the “Legionnaires of May” event. To participate, Legions need to register ten (10) newly-created accounts with level 10 characters. Participants will need to send in screenshots of each character at level 10. Characters will then need to grow as swiftly as possible and reach Level 50 within the event time period. The first five (5) legions to complete the requirements before May 31 will win a special prize bundle.

“A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed” and “Auction House”
During the entire month of May, watch out for two other major in-game events where players will need to make use of their wide network of friends. By inviting them to play along in-game, players will receive prizes from the “A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed” event. Participants may also wage a bidding war by readying rare and precious items to sell in the “Auction House” event, where fortunes will be made.

Game and Site Updates:
Nation Merge

In a shift sure to rock the foundations of Arcan, AIKA Global will be moving from five (5) to two (2) competing nations in-game. In the following weeks, Elters will be exiled from their current nations and will have to choose between two newly-created nations. Alliance features will also be removed but fear not, level 5 and up Legions will be given the compensation they have earned and deserve.

Mailing System
Players will now be able to send mail messages to fellow players even when they are offline! With the new mailing system, messages can now contain items and gold and be sent through email.

The AIKA Global masses are surely in for unique thrills this month. It’s May, it’s mayhem, and it’s fun jam-packed together! To learn more about these special events and updates visit

Download the game today at or visit T3fun’s portal for more information at

*AIKA Global is available to countries around the world with the exception of Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Russia.

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