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Santa Ana, Calif. (Jan 20, 2009) -NIS America, Inc. announced today that much anticipated moe RPG, Ar tonelico 2 M of Metafalica for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system has shipped to retailers nationwide. Ar tonelico 2 marks a new approach to the RPG genre by seamlessly combining simulation with role‐playing. Gamers can not only customize weapons and items, but now design their character’s personalities, skills, and appearance through virtual interaction. Also past events will intersect with future game play as well as the outcome of the game.

The region of Metafalss surrounds Infel Pira, the second Tower, which is said to represent the Goddess Frelia of the Trio. A mysterious epidemic called Infel Pira Dependency (IPD) has been killing Reyvateils. Croix, a young knight from the Church of Pastalia, is sent to contain the epidemic. However, many more challenges await, which lead him to unraveling the mysteries of the planet Ar Ciel and seek the legend handed down by the people of Metafalss: the lost certain level, the Reyvateils are able to cast a powerful magic attack by singing.
‐Cosmoshphere: Ar tonelico features a revolutionary system that combines character development with skill acquisition. By diving into the Reyvateil’s subconscious world, one gets to know the character of the team member better, while acquiring new spells.
‐Song Magic: When the fronline attacks an enemy, the song magic gauge increases. After a Phantom Brave, and Makai
‐Replakia: Song magic can be powered up by Replakia which are replicas of Reyvateils you have
saved. The more Replakias you have, the stronger and more unique your song magic becomes.
‐Synchronity: In this latest installment, song magic is cast by 2 Reyvateils. If their emotions are
more closely synched, the stronger the magic becomes.
‐Emotion Gauge: During battle, how well you cheer your Reyvateil becomes the key to victory

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