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ArchLord Christmas Patch Details

Christmas comes to Chantra.

The world of Chantra will be beginning its festive celebrations early this year. During today’s (10th December) maintenance window, 11 - 14 (GMT) we shall be adding the ArchLord Christmas patch to the server. Full details of the event can be found below or on the ArchLord website at

Details of the event are as follows;

  • Find the Xmas Bell and Bell combination coupon to get Xmas socks

    - The Xmas Bell and Bell combination coupon will drop randomly from all the monsters in Chantra

    - If you collect 10 Xmas bells and combine them with Bell combination coupon, you will receive the Xmas socks, . These in turn give the players a selection of in-game items.

    • Xmas Quest

    - The Animal Breeder of each race will give players the Xmas quest to find a replacement for Rudolf.

    - Be sure to read the text carefully for clues on were to go.

    - Once quest is completed, players will receive a Santa Claus gift box..

    • X-mas tree

    - There will be an Xmas tree in each town.

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    Posted by: Redeema
    Date: December 10, 2007

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