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Atlantica Online Spelltower Control Event Begins Tomorrow

Nexon America’s strategic turn-based massively multiplayer online game, Atlantica Online, is launching the Spelltower Control event on October 8. The new turn-based strategic battle will feature a war between all servers to destroy and defend the Spelltower, allowing the massive war system to officially commence for the first time.

Players will engage in a battle between armies of up to 100 as the Attacking Force to destroy and take control of the Spelltower, or defend the Spelltower as the Occupying Force. In the case that the Occupying Force dominates the competition, the Attacking Force will receive the Challenger’s Will buff to increase their abilities.

The victorious server will be rewarded with great benefits, including an increase of 25 percent experience, 10 percent attack power and five percent defensive buff, which will also stack with existing buffs for a week. In addition, each winning player will also obtain Oriharukon, which can be traded for equipment boxes or rewards through the NPC Qasim at the entrance of Rome on Titan. The defeated team will also be rewarded with half the amount of loot that the winners take home.

Players level 100 and higher will be able to take their main character and one mercenary to the Titan server, by taking the Titan ship at the harbor near Lisbon or clicking on the Spelltower icon at start time. Players who have the highest Might will have an increased chance to reserve a spot in battle. The Spelltower Control event will take place every Saturday at 2:00 PM (PDT) for up to 50 minutes.

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Posted by: Redeema
Date: October 7, 2011

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