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Commander: Conquest of the Americas DLC Pack, Pirate Treasure Chest, Available Today

Prepare of the High Seas and Watch Out for the Pirates!

NEW YORK - January 7, 2011 - Paradox Interactive and Nitro Games today announced the new DLC pack, Pirate Treasure Chest for Commander: Conquest of the Americas. Discover the infamous pirate island of Tortuga as you explore new quests, locations and treasures. Join the pirates or fight against them, these new pirate captains can become your best friend or your new worst enemy. Pirate Treasure Chest is available today on all leading digital distribution sites.

Discover the infamous pirate island of Tortuga where players can purchase items and ships. Choose to hire pirate captains and use their fleets against your enemies without taking blame for their unprovoked attacks or battle against them when you capture them to use their maps and ships as your own. No matter how you choose to play, the rewards are many: wealth, unique ships and treasure maps that lead to powerful artifacts.

About Commander: Conquest of the Americas
Choose from 7 different European factions in Commander: Conquest of the Americas. Take charge of a European power aiming to conquer the New World. Found new colonies and manage their resources, production, military, and much more as they develop into a full blown empire. Choose to command ships in RTS fashion or take direct control as your fleet engages ships of an enemy nation or blood thirsty pirates at a highly detailed tactical level.

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Posted by: Redeema
Date: January 7, 2011

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