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Commander: Conquest of the Americas Reveals New Features Plus E3 Trailer

Los Angeles, CA – June 15, 2010 - Paradox Interactive and Nitro Games have today announced new information on two integral features, the trading and advisor systems, for the upcoming strategy title Commander: Conquest of the Americas.

With the new innovative trading manager, players can create automatic trade routes with multiple ports of call. To create a powerful trading empire, players need to manage their newly found colonies from rags to riches, by constructing new buildings and developing production chains. The new trading manager will allow players to maximize their trading capabilities in an attempt build the most powerful empire possible.

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In Commander: Conquest of the Americas, the player now has four advisors to guide the player in the right direction but will also hold the player accountable that certain benchmarks are met. This feature allows players room to maneuver and change their focus even during the same campaign.

Scheduled for release on July 30, 2010, Commander: Conquest of the Americas features elements from both trading and strategy games. Choosing from 7 different European factions, take charge of a European power aiming to conquer the New World. Found new colonies and manage their resources, production, military, and much more as they develop into a full blown empire. Choose to command ships in RTS fashion or take direct control as your fleet engages ships of an enemy nation or blood thirsty pirates at a highly detailed tactical level.

For more information, please visit, or follow the game on twitter @cotagame and join the community on facebook.

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Posted by: Redeema
Date: June 15, 2010

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