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DC Universe Online Reveals Circe

Some witches have uncommon beauty that belies their more beastly nature…..


For centuries, the sorceress Circe ruled the island of Aeaea.  Unwary men lured to the island by her siren’s song were either turned into hideous beast men or died crashing on the jagged rocks of her island home.


Circe made a pact with the witch goddess Hecate in her efforts to become even more powerful, becoming Hecate’s instrument of vengeance against the gods of Olympus who wronged her.  Choosing this fate made her the eventual archenemy of Wonder Woman, whose powers were gifts from the very Olympian gods that Circe bartered her soul to destroy.


Circe is an immortal sorceress of incredible power.  She can change her own appearance, transform men into hybrid beast-men, or cast mystical bolts of destructive energy.  Her greatest power, however, is her power to make gods, men or beasts do her evil bidding.


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Posted by: Redeema
Date: October 21, 2010

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