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Deco Online’s Summer Event Has Begun

Joymax, an independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment for the global market, today announced that the Summer Event has begun in fantasy MMORPG Deco Online. Players can now visit Coolu Beach, an all-new area with plenty of sunshine and sand, to take an in-game vacation and participate in a few summery quests. There’s even a bonus quest for those who hit the beach in style, so check out the new swim suits available in the item shop!In addition to the seaside festivities, an update has been released that adds a variety of new content and a revamped non-PvP channel. In addition, Sub Job system has been retooled and crafting is no longer necessary for item enhancement. Instead, players can now make use of a brand-new Enhancement and Processing system to power up their weapons and armor.

Summer has officially arrived in Deco Online, so grab your swim suit and towel and get ready for some fun on the beach!

For more information about the July update and the Summer Event, visit the Official Deco Online Website.

About Deco Online

Deco Online is a 3D, massively multiplayer online role-playing game that puts players of all ages deep into the fantastic story of two warring nations. As a legendary swordsman, a fierce archer, or a master of wizardry, players will constantly be challenged by the opposing nation and by monsters that lurk around every corner. Deco Online is free-to-play and offers a combo system with hundreds of potential skills, combining both arcade and classic MMORPG gameplay. More information about Deco Online is available at the Official Deco Online Website.

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Posted by: cnc137
Date: July 7, 2009

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