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Do You Know Sofa Boy? Top 10 Warning Signs That You May Be Turning Into A Sofa Boy

Gaming industry veteran Scott Langteau (Medal of Honor, co-founder of Spark Unlimited) is very familiar the fact that as a child, he himself was a Sofa Boy. Spending countless hours on the couch, ignoring family and friends’ pleas to do homework, play outside and put down the videogame controller - he was deeply entrenched in “Sofa Boy Syndrome.” Scott has penned his first children’s book on this very subject, with Sofa Boy, which tells the tale of an average boy with a bigger than average obsession with videogames. With vivid illustrations and a clever rhymes scheme, the book teaches a lesson of moderation to kids, as Sofa Boy’s fantastical fate helps kids remember to balance their gaming time with other activities. Releasing February 16th, Sofa Boy resonates with kids and parents alike!

In the meantime - please look out for these red flags:

Top 10 Warning Signs

That You May Be Turning Into A Sofa Boy……

  1. If your parents return from work and you’re still in your pajamas…(you might be a Sofa Boy.)
  2. If you have to time bathroom breaks with videogame checkpoints…(you might be a Sofa Boy).
  3. If you scream “Bright light! Bright light!” when someone opens the curtains… (you might be a Sofa Boy).
  4. If you hug your Wii controller instead of your teddy bear when you go to bed at night…(you might be a Sofa Boy).
  5. If your sofa cushion has a permanent depression in the shape of your backside…(you might be a Sofa Boy.)
  6. If your idea of getting some exercise is doing bicep curls with a bowl of chips…(you might be a Sofa Boy).
  7. If your mother drops you off at school and you announce how many points she scored along the route…(you might be a Sofa Boy).
  8. If your teacher asks you a question and your response is “sorry, I have no more space on my memory card”…(you might be a Sofa Boy).
  9. If your new family photo was taken in your living room so you could finish defeating the Evil Warlord…(you might be a Sofa Boy).
  10. If you save all your toys to someday sell to trolls, goblins, and seedy merchants…(you may be a Sofa Boy

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