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I am attending the <head> Web Conference tomorrow, October, 24, 2008 - Sunday, October 26, 2008 and during the registration process they offered the option to be a Micro-Sponsor of the conference to help pay for the event.  I decided to make a micro-sponsor and you can see out listing on the Micro-Sponsor page on the <head> Web Conference website now.

The <head> Web Conference is an online conference that covers a wide range of topics related to web standards, design, accessibility, web application development, Flash, Flex, scalability, typography, and more.  This conference is similar to other web conferences, such as, An Event Apart and Future of Web Design, but it is all online on a global scale.

Instead of having to go to the web conference and book a flight, hotel, and rental car, you can just stay at home in your pajamas  or head into the office and attend and participate in the conference online. Also, because the conference is all online it is a lot cheaper than other conferences that are double and triple the amount just to get in.  This is not including the price of the flight, hotel, and other things for other conferences.  But, just because it is cheaper doesn’t mean that you won’t still get to attend just as many or maybe even more sessions throughout the three days than regular conferences have to offer.

The <head> Web Conference will have live speakers, presentations, question and answer sections, and networking opportunities on and offline, since the conference will take place all around the world online and at select real-world local conference hubs.  These local hubs are located in London, UK; Manchester, UK; Brighton, UK; Fribourg, Switzerland; San Francisco, CA; and in the virtual world of Second Life.

The <head> Web Conference is also environmentally-friendly, since it allows all the attendees to save tons of emissions by avoiding flights and having speakers and attendees interact with the conference locally.

Lastly, the conference will also allow for the standard conference activities, such as, social interactions, conversations, exchange of knowledge, and the ability to make friendships and find opportunities.  All of these things are being built into their online community where attendees and non-attendees alike can interact before, during, and after the conference.

If you are interested in web design and web development and have $149 to spare then it might be worthwhile joining me in your pajamas this weekend at the <head> Web Conference.

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  • Redeema - October 25th, 2008 at 1:50 pm
    Redeema Avatar

    Next year we could have a booth at the New old E3! We’ll give out stickers and autographed copies of our old review games, you know the ones we don’t want anymore and the stores won’t take trade-ins on? Let’s make this happen.

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