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FlicStick Movie System Announced for Xbox 360 and PS3; Watch Movies on Your Console

EDMONTON, Alberta - August 10th, 2010 - FlicStick announced today the tentative release date of October 1st, 2010 for the patent pending “FlicStick Movie System”.The FlicStick is made for both XBOX 360 and PS3 gamers.  This innovative product allows gamers to simply and easily fetch quality movies and watch them with their console. Initial broadcasting of movie content will include trailers and Indy films.   We will seek discussions with larger movie content suppliers as the product gains traction in the market.

Gamers are expanding their console uses and want quality movies.  Current movie download services can be difficult, complicated, slow, and may require longer-term subscriptions or commitments to use their services.  Retail content renters often have poor inventory and are time consuming. These factors make watching content complicated, restricted and slow. The FlicStick simplifies the entire process with a Live Movie Guide, faster downloads and the ability to channel high quality content to watch on the XBOX and Playstation 3.

From a users perspective, the FlicStick is inserted into the PC USB port.  The Live Movie Guide automatically displays the newest available titles.  Once the movie has been selected and temporarily preserved, the user then puts the FlicStick into their console to watch.

As stated by our President, Ken Tetterington “We are initially targeting the Independent movie industry.  The FlicStick is the perfect liaison between consumers and independent distributors. With this initial press release we are reaching out to the many distributors of independent film content.”

Prices are not yet announced. Visit us at for pre-registration and further details.  Pre-registered consumers will be sent discount codes prior to the official release date.

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Posted by: Redeema
Date: August 10, 2010

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