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Grand Chase is Coming to the US

Ntreev USA, the North American publisher for the English version of Trickster Online Revolution, is pleased to announce their latest release in North America, Grand Chase. Grand Chase is an original Massive Multiplayer Online Action RPG developed by KOG. Along with the official Grand Chase website, closed beta testing will begin around mid-to-late January.

Grand Chase follows the lives of different heroes from the Bermesiah continent in their fight against the evil Queen of Darkness. Characters will be able to fight dynamically alongside each other in several different game modes to defeat the evil queen of darkness.

Grand Chase Features:

  1. Real Time Online Action RPG
    Grand Chase is a multiplayer Action RPG with a refined, in-depth fighting system
  2. Characters/Jobs
    Ranging from archer to spearman, choose from 5 different unique characters and 14 different jobs, each with their own set of skills and unique fighting style
  3. Arcade-Style Controls
    Simple, keyboard based controls that characters can easily use to combine skills and perform unique combo/juggle attacks
  4. Eye-Blasting Special Skills
    Special 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade abilities with breathtaking graphical effects
  5. Character Customization
    Customize characters through a wide selection of powerful weapons, armors, and accessories.
  6. Modes
    Experience the innovative and exciting multiplayer modes that immerse the player in non-stop action such as: Quest mode, Player versus Player, Monster Battle, Monster Expedition mode and a lot more!

Grand Chase is unique in that it will, for the first time ever, allow players to have a refined and competitive real-time multiplayer brawl. An in-depth combo system allows players to link up combos, skills, and items for devastating effects. Players will also be able to advance their characters through traditional RPG elements including leveling, jobs, and equipment.

About Ntreev USA Inc

Located in Southern California and established in the Fall of 2006, Ntreev USA, Inc. is a sister company of Ntreev Soft (known for games such as Trickster, and Pangya). They specialize in online game development and publishing, and is currently working with many partners around the globe to develop and publish new online game content. Trickster Online: Links to Fantasy is the first major release for Ntreev USA Inc. Please visit for more information.

About KOG

Since it was founded in 2000, KOG has been a pioneer in online fighting games and online racing games. Having been awarded the Excellent Korean Technology Mark by the Korean government for their achievements in real-time simulation methods for vehicle motions, KOG has gone on to produce many popular online titles, including Grand Chase, Wild Rally and Bumperking.

In 2003, KOG was elected for the Promising Frontiers of Contents award by the Korean Institute of Multimedia Content and Software. In 2006, the company was also awarded the 2nd Korean Information Technology Award by the Korean Association of Information Systems.

KOG aims at making new, unique and exciting games that players have never experienced or seen before. It is their objective to always challenge the creative envelope in planning, design, and technique in making new and experimental games.

Grand Chase is currently being serviced in Taiwan, Korea, Brazil, Singapore, and Hong Kong, where each version is language and region specific.

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Posted by: cnc137
Date: January 15, 2008

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