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Is Your Xbox Live Account Safe?

Does Microsoft have a major issue with their Xbox Live Customer Support and Account Security? Skyllus vBi, a member of the Team vBi online gaming group, would think so after having his Xbox Live account stolen. His account was stolen to get to his “Recon Armor” he won from Bungie for submitting the best Halo 3 suicide video. This set of armor can only be worn in-game by Bungie Team members and select community members.

According to Skyllus vBi his account was stolen using a technique call “pre-texting” or “social engineering”, where a person calls customer support acting like they are a victim and are basically given account information needed to steal another persons account.

Skyllus vBi also mentioned that there are apparently a lot of account thieves doing this and the person who took his account even bragged on the Team vBi forums and Bungie’s forums to have done this hundreds of times. Some other people on their forums posted stating that this person is ruining it for the “legit” account thieves. How can you be a “legit” thief?

For more details visit the following links:

Hopefully, this all gets cleared up for Skyllus vBi soon and hopefully Microsoft will look into this problem more closely, since it seems like it might be bigger than we think???

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  • Trunks - January 3rd, 2008 at 5:31 pm
    Trunks Avatar

    I knew this was happening a long time before this came out.Anything from Microsoft will have security holes.And Them being able to get your credit card info you can sue Microsoft for that as well.Im not a lawyer but i think you can honestly do that and win.

  • cnc137 - January 3rd, 2008 at 6:19 pm
    cnc137 Avatar

    This is kind of scary and this is probably a good reason to only buy Xbox Live Subscription and Points cards with codes instead of using your credit card to pay for all of this stuff.

    I can’t remember if you have to put in your credit card information even if you use one of these pre-paid card options, but if you don’t have to then this would be the way to go to be safer. At least if they stoled your account they would only have your name and address and the remainder of Xbox Live Points and subscription, instead of your credit card info that they can go use to buy anything they like on Xbox Live or anywhere else.

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Posted by: cnc137
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