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Legacy of a Thousand Suns Enters Open Beta Today; Bringing Console Caliber Gaming to Facebook

Revolutionary MMORPG from 5th Planet Games and Concept Art House Enters Open Beta Today.

SAN FRANCISCO, November 10, 2010 - 5th Planet Games and Concept Art House are announcing Legacy of a Thousand Suns, a groundbreaking Facebook game entering open beta today. Featuring an epic sci-fi storyline, movie-quality artwork, and console game production values, the jointly-developed MMORPG represents an exciting new era for AAA-caliber gaming on the world’s most popular social network.

Legacy of a Thousand Suns is free to play with a micro-transaction economy for in-game upgrades. As the action begins, enemy forces have declared war on the Sian Empire and are closing in on Princess Illaria, the heir to the throne. Only you can save her now. After defining the hero’s gender and appearance, players become embroiled in the interstellar struggle, proving their skills as a pilot and warrior in face-offs against dictators, cyborgs, monsters, and other threats. Between battles, the game’s story unfolds via on-screen text and graphics. Players can even use Facebook’s social networking tools to form an alliance with friends and wage war against the lurking evil.

“With Legacy of a Thousand Suns, we’ve established innovative gameplay mechanics and storytelling that are truly unique for Facebook,” says Stephen Pladson, co-founder and CEO of 5th Planet Games. “Everyone’s on Facebook these days-from casual gamers to hardcore gamers to people who don’t even realize yet that games are for them. Bringing a game like Legacy of a Thousand Suns to this popular online platform is a huge step forward for social gaming, and an excellent opportunity to expand the Facebook gaming audience.”

5th Planet Games is the developer of Dawn of the Dragons, which celebrated a successful launch earlier this year as the first robust RPG on Facebook. Concept Art House, a premier art services provider and transmedia entertainment company, has contributed dynamic, high-quality artwork as well as guidance on the player experience drawn from their team’s combined decades in the video game industry. The result of this partnership is an engrossing Facebook game that looks and plays unlike any other.

“A great video game needs quality art, immersive storytelling, and compelling characters. Legacy of a Thousand Suns is the first Facebook game to have all three,” says James Zhang, founder and CEO of Concept Art House. “With next-gen artwork and production values comparable to the work our team delivers for AAA console games, Legacy of a Thousand Suns will appeal not only to casual gamers, but also to hardcore players who typically gravitate toward console releases.”

While Legacy of a Thousand Suns has not been rated by the ESRB, it is intended for an audience ages 13 and up. To learn more about the game and take part in the open beta beginning today, visit the official website at The game can also be found on Facebook at

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Posted by: Redeema
Date: November 10, 2010

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