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Mesmerizing The Digital Arena - Paradox Interactive Announces Mezmer Games

Paradox Interactive announced the creation of a new label under the Paradox Interactive company umbrella, Mezmer Games. The new franchise is focused on helping indie developers reach a large audience through digital distribution and alternative channels. The titles will range from action to strategy to adventure games and cost between $9.99 - $19.99.”There are so many high-quality titles out there that show a great deal of potential but never reach the gamers,” says Fredrik Wester, Executive Vice President at Paradox Interactive. “Our intention is to be a platform for great games that traditional publishers do not want to invest their time and money in. By exclusively releasing the products digitally, we’ll be able to deliver many niche and developing titles to an audience that would otherwise be unable to purchase the products.”

In addition to being a publisher and a platform for new and exciting projects, the web site intends to be a community where the developers can discuss directly with the gamers. Wester adds, “Our web site is built like a community or blog, where the user is an active and important part. We expect developers to utilize it as a bouncing board for their ideas.”

The first titles released under the new label are Legio, a strategy game best described as a mix between chess and real-time strategy, and Stalin vs. Martians, an action/arcade real-time strategy game where the Soviet Army faces an alien invasion during World War 2. Both titles are slated for a Q2 2009 release.

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Posted by: z36
Date: February 14, 2009

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