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Mytran Wars Factions Revealed

Stormregion Developing Strategy Title Exclusively for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) System.

Hermosa Beach, Calif. - Deep Silver Inc., a publisher of interactive entertainment software and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Media, today released new background information behind the two different factions in their upcoming turn-based strategy game Mytran Wars.

By the mid 23rd Century, Earth stands united under the rule of a high presidium of multinational corporations. Fossil fuels, drinkable water and other natural resources are all but depleted.

The Kondor Corp. began investing in space research and development in the hopes of exploiting much needed resources. When the planet Pythar is discovered it soon becomes clear that the planet’s most valuable resources are not its ore reserves. Instead, it is a network of naturally existing energy running in criss-crossed lines (called lay-lines) across the surface of the planet: the junctions where two or more of these lines meet form energy pools that concentrate the energy into a mass. These pools are home to the Mytrans forming what Humans would describe as the equivalent of cities.

But the Kondor Corp. shareholders have seen far too much money be poured into this project. They expect returns on their investment and if that means plundering the planet for every resource it can give up, then plunder they will. But the energy is the lifeblood of the Mytrans. They need it to survive. Without it, they will surely perish. Thus war becomes inevitable.

The Mytrans
The Mytrans are both majestic and ethereal. They are described by Humans as resembling ghosts with elegant movements that mimic a being swimming through the air. They see their planet, Pythar, as a bright surging vortex of energy. Being a part of the environment also makes reproduction an easy task for the Mytrans. In fact, there is no reproduction as humans understand it. Instead, for Elders, death is dissolution of energy back into the energy flow and birth is nothing more than a forming of energy into a whole sentient being. So this energy is the “life essence” of the Mytrans and there are great ramifications if the Humans extract it and take it back to Earth. Mytran society is split on how to address this problem with the Humans. The Elders, who knew of the Old Wars, want peace and coexistence with the Humans. The younger rebels on the other hand, wish to drive them out by any means necessary.

“Mytran Wars” is being developed exclusively for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system by Stormregion, creators of the highly-acclaimed Codename: Panzers games.

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Posted by: Redeema
Date: March 7, 2009

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