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New Official Alone in the Dark Website Launched

Now, fans of the original survival horror videogame franchise, Alone in the Dark, can log on to the new, official website [], and join Edward Carnby in his search to discover just how deep the mysteries of Central Park go.  The new website offers an immersive experience for visitors to investigate the graphically impressive and technically advanced world of Alone in the Dark’s fully-realized Central Park, and in the process, uncover the incredible level of interaction and depth of gameplay that promises to make Alone in the Dark a game unlike anything before it.

The site allows visitors to investigate some of the ominous Central Park locales that the title’s protagonist, Edward Carnby, will encounter throughout the game.  With each click of the mouse lives information about in-game vehicles, items, weapons and item combinations that allow gamers to solve puzzles and defeat enemies creatively and intelligently.  From the Huddlestone Arch to the Belvedere Castle, visitors can see the sites of Central Park, and investigate and collect the in-game items that form the advanced inventory system in Alone in the Dark.  Items like lighters, screwdrivers and duct tape scattered throughout the game can be used to create improvised weaponry and ingenious tools, while visitors can get a glimpse at the intriguing gameplay depth that these items open up.

Visit the official Alone in the Dark Website at

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Posted by: Redeema
Date: May 11, 2008

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