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Online Play - The King of Fighters XII Way

With the 15th anniversary of the acclaimed The King of Fighters franchise, SNK PLAYMORE and Ignition Entertainment wanted to celebrate by bringing the epic fighting game to a whole new level. The King of Fighters XII (KOFXII) invites fans around the globe to compete (no regional restrictions!) with each other via the game’s online play features.KOFXII online features include:

* Online Lobbies

o Up to eight players, online lobbies simulate an arcade experience where two players fight while the others wait in line for their turn to fight the victor.

o Players can also duke it out via voice or text chat.

* Various lobby settings are available including:

o Winner Stays: Winner fights the next opponent in line
o Loser Stays: Loser stays and gets to fight the next opponent in line
o Sparring: The players that are to fight are randomized after each match.
o Player Match: A friendly match where no stats are recorded.

* Online Ranking System & Leaderboards:
o Grades each player’s performances (via letter grades) and keeps track of their best Time Attack times.
o These results are displayed online via public leaderboards.

Due out this July for Xbox360 and PlayStation3, KOFXII offers exclusive online features for each system.

* PS3: Exclusive Clan Mode that allows players to create clans, recruit clan members, blacklist players and compete against other clans.
* Xbox 360: Exclusive Truskill online ranking lets players record, replay and share matches.

The King of Fighters XII continues the epic martial arts showdown and reemerges with a complete graphical overhaul. KOFXII features 22 gorgeous hand-drawn 2D characters from SNK’s arcade history. All sprites used over the past 14 years have been dropped and replaced with new 2D high-definition, high-resolution sprites on detailed backgrounds. With new gameplay elements including critical counter attacks, Sousai (deadlock) counters and guard attacks, and the introduction of these new online elements, KOFXII has once again re-mastered the genre. The King of Fighters XII is rated Teen and will be shipping worldwide in July 2009.

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Posted by: z36
Date: May 26, 2009

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