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Penumbra Expansion Announced by Paradox Interactive

The horror continues in Requiem.

New York, USA (April 16, 2008) - Paradox Interactive announced today an expansion to critically acclaimed horror series Penumbra. Like previous installments of the already proclaimed cult classic, independent team Frictional Games has developed the expansion.

“Requiem” will tie up loose ends from previous installments and as Philip progresses he will encounter various characters from his past. Penumbra: Requiem delves deeper into the world of the Tuurngait infection and personalities from the previous two games, Overture and Black Plague. Long lost friends will return and aid Philip on his quest, but can they really be trusted?

“We believed very strongly in this team and their skills from the start and now that the Penumbra series has become such a hit worldwide, those who doubted have been proven wrong”, said Fredrik Wester, Executive Vice President for Paradox Interactive. “Therefore it was a no-brainer for us to sign this expansion, and we are convinced fans of the series will be equally excited about the news!”

In the bizarre world of Penumbra: Requiem players will experience another psychological thrill on a level unheard of before Penumbra: Black Plague. This time telling what is real and what is not will be even harder and not always trusting your senses will be essential in order to survive.

“After the launch of Penumbra: Black Plague we realized that we still had some unfinished ideas for features and story line that we wanted to implement. An expansion like this will be the perfect end to a series that has given both us and the players so much”, said Jens Nilsson, Co-founder of Frictional Games.

Penumbra: Requiem will be a download only expansion and available exclusively via GamersGate.

For more information about this title or other Paradox Interactive releases, please visit

Penumbra: Overture and Penumbra: Black Plague are both available on

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Date: April 16, 2008

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