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Racing Against Live Professional Race Car Drivers In Real-time On Your Favorite Gaming System Coming Soon???

Autoblog is reporting that the Netherlands-based company, iOpener Media, has created a way to utilize GPS signals of professional race cars at live events to let video game players go head-to-head against live race car drivers on their favorite game platform.  This technology could very well be available by next Christmas shopping season if developers tap into it and start using it.  iOpener Media doesn’t intend to make the racing games themselves, but instead expects to offer the technology to game developers to use in their upcoming games.

I know that FOX Sports already shows replays of crashes and other things in 3D rendered views that look like a version of EA Sports NASCAR racing game.  They use the GPS car tracking information when you are watching NASCAR races to do this, so I would think this same technology or similar technology is what they will use to place the real-time tracking into your favorite racing games.  Could NASCAR 2010 tap into this technology and allow everyone to participate in next year’s NASCAR races from their couches?  Electronic Arts you need to make this happen!

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  • flea43 - June 19th, 2008 at 2:29 pm
    flea43 Avatar

    I imagine NASCAR will provide this option for a small subscription fee that would give you the special access. This could turn out to be a good money generator for the professional racing circuits.

  • bOb - June 25th, 2008 at 10:48 am
    bOb Avatar

    Or insanely difficult for gamers to try and master :)

  • cnc137 - June 25th, 2008 at 4:25 pm
    cnc137 Avatar

    Don’t give them any ideas where they can nickel and dime us some more for services and downloadable content after we have already paid $60 for the game.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they charged a monthly fee for this type of service and data to be streamed from the track on race day.

    If they charged for this then would as many people be interested or would they just continue to be happy playing the computer or other gamers online for free?

    Would you be willing to race for 2 or 3 hours in a virtual race if this happened?

    GRID has an option to race the full 24 hours of Le Mans that takes 24 hours in real-time. This is cool that they have it, but do you really see anyone wanting to race for 24 hours straight or even 2 or 3 hours to see who wins?

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Posted by: cnc137
Date: June 19, 2008
Website: Autoblog

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