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Santa’s Elves Agree: New NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI MCP is The Must-Have Gaming Platform for Intel Yorkfield CPUs

Support for NVIDIA 3-Way SLI and Extreme Overclocking Make Gamers’ Wishes Come True This Holiday Season.

SANTA CLARA, CA-DECEMBER 17, 2007-Just in time for the big guy’s annual holiday sleigh ride, NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the world leader in visual computing technologies, today introduced the Company’s next-generation NVIDIA nForce® 780i SLI media and communications processor (MCP), designed specifically for 1333FSB Intel QX9650 (Yorkfield) processors. The new nForce 780i SLI MCP brings a multitude of new functionality to Intel platforms, including support for the new Enthusiast System Architecture specification and PCI Express Gen 2.0. It is also the first motherboard solution to support the Company’s new 3-way SLITM technology, the industry’s preeminent multi-GPU platform solution based on NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics processing units.

“Our customers aren’t going to bed with visions of suger-plums dancing in their heads. They’re dreaming of playing games like Crysis in their entire splendor, running on NVIDIA SLI technology,” said Kelt Reeves, president of Falcon Northwest. “With nForce 780i and an Intel Yorkfield CPU under the hood, those visions will quickly become a reality. We’re excited to offer our customers fully-equipped rigs with not one, not two, but three of NVIDIA’s most extreme gaming GeForce graphics processors, the perfect platform for experiencing the most advanced games ever developed.”

NVIDIA 3-way SLI technology offers an unmatched PC gaming experience, delivering up to a 2.8x performance boost over traditional single graphics card platforms. For playing this year’s most cutting-edge games, including Crysis and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, 3-way SLI technology lets gamers ratchet up the resolution to 1900×1200 and 2500×1600 respectively, while partaking in all of the tasty eye candy, including high-dynamic range lighting, motion blur, and realistic environmental effects.

“You can forget the cookies and milk this year,” said Alabaster Snowball, administrator of the North Pole’s naughty & nice list. “What Santa really wants is the ability to play Bioshock on a new gaming rig configured with an nForce 780i SLI-based motherboard and 3-way SLI graphics.”

Global system integrators and industry-leading motherboard partners planning to offer NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI MCP-based products include: Arlt, Asus, Atelco, Biohazard Computers, Chiligreen, Colorful, CyberPower, Digital Storm, Ditech, EVGA, Falcon Northwest, Gigabyte, HP, Hypersonic, Ibuypower, K&M Elektronik, Maingear, Meijin, MSI, Puget, Rombus, Vigor Gaming, Voodoo PC, Warmachine, XFX, Xi, and more.

For more information on the NVIDIA nForce 700-series, which today includes the nForce 780i SLI and nForce 750i SLI MCPs, please visit:

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  • cnc137 - December 17th, 2007 at 8:29 pm
    cnc137 Avatar

    This new motherboard sound awesome, but how much would it cost to buy it, 3 high-end video cards and whatever else you need to run a rig like this?

    I am guessing the three video cards alone could cost $1,000. And the worst part is that a year or two from now nVidia’s new graphics processor will probably beat three of todays top-of-the-line cards in a single card solution for half the cost.

    Would any of you buy this motherboard and run three video cards? Do any of you run a SLI configuration currently with 2 cards?

    The other thing I noticed is that I think if you run this motherboard you have to use the on-board audio, since there are no more slots available after installing all three video cards. I guess maybe you could run a USB audio solution, but how well would that work?

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Posted by: cnc137
Date: December 17, 2007

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