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Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures ‘Battle of Umbara’ Now Available

Calling all Jedi!

The Republic needs your help! The brand new open world Combat environment in Star Wars®:Clone Wars Adventures(CWA), is now available.

The new world features a large battlefield including a mission instance featuring the "Umbaran Airfield" (as seen on the show), multiplayer aspects, and various rewards and collections.

CWA’s Combat zone is based on the Shadow People’s planet Umbara, and for the first time allows players to work together and engage in direct combat. Players will battle Separatists and Umbaran forces using customizable weapon attacks, Force attacks and a new mount.

Combat features include:

  • Combat Abilities:
    • Weapon Attack: Players can use their existing weapons to combat the Separatists in an open world Umbaran environment with other players.
    • Force Push: Jedi Members are able to tap into the Force to unleash the Force Push ability — allowing them to damage groups of enemies at range. It is a much more powerful attack, and requires the use of Force Energy Points and is only available to Jedi Members.
  • Mission Instance: Players will be faced with a thrilling new mission in an instanced Umbaran Airfield zone that they can experience with up to three of their friends.
  • Multiplayer: Over-world zone will allow players the ability to tackle the droid threat together, letting in multiple people simultaneously.
  • New Mount: Available for purchase in the marketplace, the introduction of the new AT-RT mount will allow players to quickly navigate through the Umbaran battlefield.
  • Jumping: Players are now able to jump in combat areas, player housing, and the Jedi Temple!
  • Collections: Combat introduces collections. By finding all the collection items in a set, players will obtain one piece of a unique zone-themed gear set (e.g., feet, body, hands, head or weapon).

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Combat zone is available now. For more details on Clone Wars Adventures, please visit:

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Posted by: Redeema
Date: December 16, 2011

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