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Sumioni: Demon Arts for PlayStation Vita Details

XSEED Games is excited to bring gamers new details surrounding the touchscreen features that play an integral role in their upcoming and highly-anticipated PlayStation Vita action-platformer title, Sumioni: Demon Arts.  Literally translated from Japanese as “Ink Demon,” Sumioni: Demon Arts is set in a fantasy world where players guide an inked character through a colorful landscape portrayed in the classical Japanese “sumi-e” art style. The game takes full advantage of the PS Vita’s touchscreen controls, allowing players to manipulate the game’s world by creating platforms or summoning magical allies with the simple swipe of a finger.

Taking the role of the ancient Inkdemon Agura, players are able to hack and slash their way through levels while also actively control the environment. By using the PlayStation Vita’s touchscreen capabilities, players can utilize various brushes to change the lay of the land. Need to get Agura up high to assault a fortified tower? Use the Road Brush to paint a platform for him to scale.

Painting is not just for getting players where they need to go, however. Sometimes, players need a little extra firepower, and with a few well placed strokes and swipes they will have enemies fleeing thanks to the versatility of the Call Brush.  With the Call Brush, players can summon Inkgod companions to accompany Agura in combat. Yomihi, the fiery phoenix, incinerates enemies with attacks high in the air while Shidou, the lion-like “Foo Dog,” charges at opponents from the ground and unleashes a deadly energy blast.

Players can also manipulate the elements using the Nature Brush or Water Brush. The Nature Brush harnesses the powers of fire and lightning, allowing players to draw devastating walls of flame to engorge their enemies or localized storm clouds right above their heads to rain down damaging bolts of electricity. The Water Brush, conversely, is used to erase platforms created by the Road Brush as well as wash away certain enemy projectiles. Together, these elements produce even more powerful area-of-effect destruction. Using the Water Brush on fire can produce burning hot steam that assaults opposing samurai and archers, while using the Water Brush on clouds can cause expansive electrical shockwaves that slow opponents to a crawl.

When a player’s inkwell drains and a recharge is needed, a little Ink Padding will do the trick. By dragging their fingers across the rear touch pad of the PS Vita, players can steadily refill their ink meters. Caution should be heeded, however, as Agura must remain perfectly still (and completely vulnerable) while performing Ink Padding, making timing, dexterity and a watchful eye absolute necessities.

Sumioni: Demon Arts, developed by ACQUIRE and published by XSEED Games, is currently in production and will release on the PS Vita system in spring 2012. Boasting 30 stages and multiple endings, Sumioni offers completionists plenty to look forward to. XSEED Games will be sending out more product info in the coming months.

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Posted by: Redeema
Date: February 11, 2012

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