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Tags - A New Way to Find Things on

I have added the “tags” link below the search box on and this provides another way to find things on the site. By clicking the “tags” link it will take you to the Tags page that displays the Top 200 tags (keywords) we have assigned to the different news, reviews, interviews, podcasts, etc. on

If you want to see all the articles we tagged with the keyword of “pokemon“, “call of duty“, “psp” or “karaoke“, then visit the Tags page and click one of those keywords to see every article we have added to that we feel relates to the keyword of your choice.

Also, when you arrive on the Tags page you will notice that the words are different sizes and different colors in the tag cloud. This is to show you the popularity of each word out of the Top 200. The bigger the font and closer to orange that it is the more popular it is on the website and the more articles tagged with that keyword are available.

Another feature on related to tags, is the “Tags” section on all the news, reviews, podcasts, and featured articles pages under the “Related Information” section. This section of the page shows you which tags have been attached to the current article you are viewing and by clicking them you can see other articles that are related to a particular tag (keyword).

Tags are becoming more and more popular on the Internet with sites like Flickr, Technorati, and others using them and I felt that and our visitors could also benefit from them being on the site. I hope you agree and remember to use them the next time you are looking for something on

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Posted by: cnc137
Date: February 11, 2008

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