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Tehra: Dark Warrior Slashes Onto PlayStation Network Tomorrow, See the Trailer Now

NEW YORK - June 14th - The upcoming release of StormBASIC Games’ Tehra: Dark Warrior, a hack-and-slash fantasy game, on PSP promises hours of challenging combat against gruesome opponents. Switch between Tehra’s human and demon forms as you help our heroine uphold a peace treaty between the world’s humans and demons and guide her past hoards of Orcs and undead towards Bacdar, the King of demons. Unlock challenges, defeat minigames, and conquer new levels with 3D graphics when this hybrid heroine charges onto PSP via PlayStation Network on June 15th.

Key features include:

• Tehra- Half-human, half-demon, this heroine lets you choose her form and strategize your attack method
• 3D Graphics- Full use of PSP hardware for special affects and smooth gameplay
• Game Evolution- Hone combat skills and unlock new levels and challenges by defeating opponents
• Intuitive Controls- Quickly learn how to manipulate Tehra so you move effortlessly in battle
• Hours of Gameplay- Gameplay stays riveting with new levels, minigames, and challenges that appear throughout the game

Upon opening Tehra: Dark Warrior, players enter fantasy world Sistar. After centuries of battling over land, the humans and demons signed the Tarkhubal Treaty delineating six kingdoms, and designating three for each race. Tehra was created as a hybrid human-devil to mediate the conflict and maintain peace. If a king breaks the Treaty, Tehra storms through to eliminate him, slaying any monsters in her path. Collect potions, including Electricity, Combustion, Fireballs, and Demon Wrath, to gain new abilities and attacks. With the help of demon blood, Tehra can switch from human to demon, wherein her attacks are stronger and deadlier but require more energy.

Available June 15th for PSP and PlayStation 3 on PlayStation Network Store, Tehra: Dark Warrior is a PSP MINI title and will retail for $4.99.

View the trailer here:

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Posted by: Redeema
Date: June 14, 2010

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